Top Socialite, Sulaimon Omidina Expands Business Tentacles


In what will be described as a great business expansion move, socialite entrepreneur and Slaab group CEO Alhaji Sulaimon Omidina fondly known as Slaab, has added another subsidiary to his fleet of business, by venturing into gas dispensing. The bubbling businessman who belongs to the famous “Inumidun Squad” started his empire as an
auto dealer, selling high porch and luxury cars, before expanding into petroleum retail, industrial farming, oil and gas with the new addition.

According to close friends and associates, Slaab is the real example of hard work and perseverance, working his way up from nothing, and building the massive wealth and empire he enjoys with lots of sweat.
On the social scene, his presence cannot be under emphasized, as he is a generous man, a deep-pocket and music lover. It will be recalled that Fuji stars King Wasiu Ayinde and Sefiu Alao also ended their 2-years rift at his daughter’s wedding ceremony.

He also shares a very strong bond with many rich close pals like Chief Ibrahim Egungbohun, popularly called Dende IBD, Alhaji Akeem Adigun, popularly called Socopao, and they all belong in an influential group called ‘Inumidun Squad’.

-Akin Alade