Top Businessman, Alex Nwoseh, Celebrates 59th Birthday in Style

Top Businessman, Alex Nwoseh, Celebrates 59th Birthday in Style

Alex Nwoseh

Recently, successful businessman and man about town, Alex Olayinka Nwoseh, turned a year older to be 59, and to make the anniversary a memorable one, the Delta State born hosted a gig where his friends, family, and associates were in attendance to felicitate him. The event was sure to be well attended, with the crème de la crème of society as well as important personalities in the house to celebrate a man worthy of their presence.

Often times, an impression of what a bash would look like begins with the venue of the event, decorations, arrangement of the event arena, and all that is usually deployed for an event.

Top Businessman, Alex Nwoseh, Celebrates 59th Birthday in Style

In the case of Alex Nwoseh’s anniversary, all were highly graded, as all deployed were made to have an inscription of class. Without mincing words and, of course, not taking for granted the supportive effort of his beautiful wife, the birthday boy proved to be a great host to his guests, as all was perfectly done to leave a great and lasting impression on the invitees. The soiree was tailored to ensure the guests were treated to a great and memorable experience with the family of Mr. and & Mrs Alex Nwoseh.

Meanwhile, beyond the sound of music and beams of excitement that pervaded the ceremony arena, the gathering was more of an avenue to celebrate the grace and accomplishment of Alex Nwoseh, a man whose grace has helped to make his dream a reality. Nwoseh sits atop flourishing business concerns that include Adonai Estate & Property Management, Alex Plastic Limited, Adonia Shopping Mall, and Hotel & Lodge.

Intentional and unpretentious, the making of business guru Alex Olayinka Nwoseh is an interesting case study in human growth and development. From consciously working on how to be better in life, he also didn’t spare any cost, as long as it’s within the ambits of the law to build networks and influence. It’s with the same energy that he diligently executed whatever briefs he handled, and gradually, these qualities became his selling points that endeared him to many in his business circle.

Gracefully, Nwoseh is today a voice in the business community, as he’s created a niche for himself. On the whole, he’s successfully built an image and personality for himself that’s reputable and respectable.