Tony Ipriye Uranta: Tribute To An Illustrious Patriot, By Emmanuel Ajibulu

Tony Uranta



I was greatly saddened by the report of the demise of a great mentor, leader, champion of justice and a thoroughbred social activist, Sir Tony Ipriye Uranta.



His ”goodbye” breathe on Wednesday, November 24, 2023 unbelievably shocked many Nigerians, especially the Niger Delta community and members of the various human rights groups across Nigeria.



And while many writers, social media influencers, commentators keep recounting special memories of the deceased and their engagements, one striking thread in all being said of him is that he is the least person expected to leave the struggle for the restructuring of Nigeria and more pointedly he was a consistent intrepid voice for the socio-economic emancipation of the South-South region in our nation.



He was very energetic, and a committed human rights activist and has been in the forefront of driving Nigeria democratic reforms, even while on the sick bed he was still fighting on and making remarkable milestones; with no shred of doubt he will be sorely missed by all who came in contact with him.



He was a member, Federal Government’s Technical Committee on Niger Delta; Executive Secretary, Pan-Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF); the Executive Secretary of the Nigeria National Summit Group (NNSG) and a member Presidential Committee on the National Conference; thankfully he made indelible and valuable contributions in various capacities where he found himself in the larger interest of Nigerians.



He was a committed fighter for democracy, dedicated civil society activist, courageous and outspoken defender of whatever ideals and principles he believed in, and a great patriot of inestimable essence.



He took me as his biological son, he shaped my journalism career, he supported and reprimanded me where necessary, he so much believed in me and trusted me, my children and wife were never treated as strangers in his house, he positively impacted humanity with his love, compassion, resources, good conscience and enviable principles.



My joy however is that he is not dead, but has gone to rest eternally in the bosom of God. My sincere condolences to the precious family that he left behind, especially his wife and children, associates, proteges and mentees; may God grant them all the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. Adieu dear uncle TIU.


-Ajibulu is an infopreneur, publisher of, writer, communication consultant and social media influencer