This Is What Greed Has Turned My Life Into!  (3)


Amina introduced us to her flocks of beautiful damsels who were also from affluent homes, that party remains one of the best parties I have attended in my life. No one could control my greed or me. I sought for and got whatever I wanted, I had started to believe I was God’s answer to every woman and that no woman could resist me. Until I met Chelsea, she was the sexiest girl I had ever seen. She was simply gorgeous with a winning smile. Chelsea was born and raised in London but her parents took her to Nigeria to attend higher institution and get to know her culture. She was not only sexy but also sophisticated and intelligent. I fell helplessly in love with Chelsea and tried as much as possible to win her heart but she didn’t pay the least interest to me. Other big boys in school were seeking her as well. I sent Emeka to try to woo Chelsea for me, I had never felt that desperate about a girl. I was going crazy and Chelsea was my cure. Instead of Chelsea to fall in love for me, she fell in love with Emeka.

“Emeka, how could you betray me in this way?” I asked bitterly when I found out they had started dating.

“Hilary, calm down, I can assure you that I didn’t ask Chelsea to fall in love with me,” he shrugged. “I went to beg her on your behalf and she fell for me; besides, I have come to love her as well and there is nothing I can do.”

“Of course, there is something you can do. You can leave her for me. Chelsea was supposed to be mine and not yours,” I almost screamed.

“Guys, guys, calm down and stop making a scene because of a girl?” Jude said, stepping in between us as Emeka and I were about throwing fist cuffs. “Chelsea is not worth fighting for?”

“Okay, but I am sure you wouldn’t want to tell him to the full glare of people,” Jude said and they both burst out laughing. I was so disgusted that I walked away from them, that incident marked the end of our friendship.

Even then, I still did not stop flirting openly with Chelsea, hoping she would give me a chance. I flaunted everything I had for her but it seemed the harder I tried, the more in love she and Emeka became. We graduated and I got a job with the Federal Medical Centre, Abuja. I was still trying to win Chelsea all to no avail, she graduated and got married to Emeka. I was still single because I had sworn that I would marry no other woman than Chelsea. I waited as the lion waits for its prey, I followed their lives. It was really tough for them. Chelsea had married Emeka against her parents’ wishes and they had abandoned her.

Emeka on the other hand had a meager job which could barely feed him let alone of his wife, I waited. I knew it wouldn’t be long before they broke up. It took me five years before I got my chance. By then, I had quit the FMC and established my own laboratory. I was quite comfortable, my business was doing well and I lived in my own property and owned several cars. Emeka had lost his job and couldn’t get another one while I was climbing the social ladder with the help of my father’s friends, I was running for House of Representatives for my state and it was a keen competition between me and my opponent in the opposition party.

There were already lots of questions about my age and political inexperience but my godfathers had assured me that I would definitely win. Emeka swallowed his pride and came to my office. I wasn’t surprised to see him but I pretended to be. He wasted no time with pleasantries.

“Hilary, I want to apologise for what happened between us.”

“Oh common. Emeka, all that is in the past. You are my friend and I’m glad to have you back,” I smiled at him and offered him lunch that day. Two days later Emeka was back at my office and after we exchanged pleasantries he opened up and begged me for a loan to start up a business. I promised to give it a thought and invited him to come back again.  By the time he did, I had strategised a perfect plan. I told Emeka that since he snatched Chelsea from me, he had to compensate me with the pleasure of her body for two days before I gave him five million naira.

At first he was so stunned that he got up and walked away, I smiled. I was so sure he would come back, I waited and by the third day, I was panicking.

It was Chelsea who showed up at my office four days later looking as sexy as ever. She confessed to me that Emeka told her about my offer and that she was willing to spend two days with me just to get rid of their poverty. Things happened so fast, I quickly accepted the carefully mapped out plan of Chelsea and swallowed it hook line and sinker. I gullibly allowed Chelsea to lead me to a hotel and tie me up on the bed as she whispered all her fantasies to me. I was practically ejaculating at the thought of the promises from Chelsea’s sexy lips. She entered the bathroom to shower while I lay there naked and tied waiting for Chelsea. The snapshots from a camera shocked me to my bone narrows. Chelsea and Emeka emerged from the bathroom, laughing hysterically beside the photographer as he snapped away.

I was too shocked to react when they untied me, I went home and waited for the blackmail that would come. But it never came. I decided to forget it and move on with my life. The bombshell dropped one week to the elections. Suddenly my naked pictures were all over the newspapers and television sets. Emeka had sold my pictures to the opposition who decided to make mincemeat of my ambition. I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me to withdraw from the elections. I became a laughing stock in Abuja. I had to relocate to abroad for some years now, I have come back to Nigeria hoping I could contest for some post in my local government. I just got a phone call threatening me to forget about any post in this dispensation otherwise he would revive my naked pictures to the press. See what my greed has cost me!

To be continued…