THE PLATFORM: Finance Min. Kemi Adeosun ‘Lectures’ Peter Obi In Saving Culture



Mrs. Kemi Adeosun, Nigeria’s Finance Minister, yesterday at Poju Oyemade’s The Platform, disagreed with former Anambra State governor, Mr. Peter Obi on his constant outburst about government’s saving culture.

Adeosun, who accused Obi of making every issue looks like the country’s governance started with the Muhammadu Buhari administration, said:

“Obi is a patriotic Nigerian, no doubt, but a few of those things he reads out was not accurate.

During Peter Obi’s first appearance at Pastor Poju Oyemade’s The Platform, he spoke on cutting cost of governance and I made a post titled, “The ten important things Obi did not tell us.”

In that post, I suggested to Pastor Poju of the need to always provide an avenue for interaction and a speaker with contrary views from the previous speaker.

Peter Obi at The Platform today spoke as if Nigeria started existing in 2015 when President Buhari was sworn in.

There was nothing new Obi said today from his first appearance on the platform.

Cutting cost………….
cutting cost………..

That’s Obi for you. Hypocrisy is when you preach what you did not practice.”

When Kemi Adeosun mounted the podium to speak after Obi, he had left and she demanded that Obi be brought back to be corrected by her and she insisted that most of things Obi said were inaccurate.

In retrospect, the finance minister said that “before 2008, oil was $51 per barrel and the past government sold oil at $120 per barrel and did nothing with the extra earnings.”

Kemi said that 90% of the previous governments expenditure was on recurrent and only 10% went to capital project such as road, rail, power, housing, etc

Remember, Peter Obi was a member of former President Jonathan’s kitchen cabinet. He was Jonathan’s special adviser on finance and a member of the economic team.

Kemi adeosun said that in one of the fiscal years she was Finance Commissioner in Ogun state, the state government​ spent N20 billion on road project while the federal government​ which Obi was a member of the economic team with Okonkwo Ngozi Iweala and Olusegun Aganga spent N19 billion.

Kemi Adeosun reminded Peter Obi whom she demanded to be brought back and listen to her that the previous government where he served as a member of the economic team were borrowing to pay salaries even when oil was being sold at $120 dollars per barrel.

Contrary to what Obi said and claimed he was the only one who understands the saving culture, the finance minister told Peter Obi and the world that the federal government paid $87 million into the excess crude account last month.

Kemi Adeosun said that this government shares three hundred to four hundred billion naira every month to the three tiers of government while the previous government where Peter Obi served as an economic adviser was sharing nine hundred billion during the boom period but no road, rail, power, housing projects to show.

“It’s obvious that the past administrations waste brought us to recession and Obi was part of it.
Coming to The Platform to preach cutting cost and savings when he did not preach cutting cost to the past administration is hypocrisy which I classify as the cardinal sin,” notes Adeosun.