“The judiciary has lost tracks” …Hon. Kayode Oduoye

Kayode Emmanuel Oduoye, a Barrister -at-law, is the son of late Senator Simeon Oduoye a retired AIG who served as Military Administrator of Ebonyi and Niger States.  Kayode was the PDP candidate for Ifelodun/Boripe/Odo-Otin federal constituency, Osun State in the last election. In this interview with AKINLOLU ABAYOMI, the vibrant politician speaks on the future of PDP in the South West, why Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is facing challenges, among other issues.

With the PDP’s recent loss of control at the federal level, what do you think is the future of the party particularly in the South West?
The fact that PDP lost at the central does not in any way signified the end of the prospect of the party. It only affords the party the opportunity of adjusting, evaluating and making necessary corrections where possible.
Also, being in opposition is not the end of the party. It is rather an opportunity to rebuild, restructure and get ourselves repositioned in a better way than before. The good thing is that we are stronger in opposition and we will soon reclaim our mandate.

Do you think the PDP has the required strength and determination to sustain itself in the opposition?
Without any iota of doubt, I strongly believe that PDP is still very formidable. PDP is very strong and also, PDP has all it takes to bounce back and reclaim the popular mandate of the people by having the government at the central. So, we are still strong. We have a bright future and once you are able to put the round peg in the round hole, I’m sure the sky will be the beginning, not the limit for us.

How will you access the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari?
Well, to be very objective as a young man, I believe that what we have had are promises upon promises. We are yet to see if the present administration is serious about the business of running the affairs of the country. All they have done so far is just promises and promises.

The government of  Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has in recent times faced a lot of challenges reportedly due to the nation’s dwindling revenue which also adversely affected monthly allocation to states; what is your position on the issue?
I will like to correct one thing. That the present administration led by Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is facing challenges because of dwindling allocation? No , not at all, that is not correct. He has not got it right since he came in, and we can all see the way he has been shouting and crying of challenges. There is barely any project here embarked upon that has been completed. Osun has never found herself in this kind of situation since its creation. For those of us who witnessed the birth of Osun State, who have been part and parcel of this state, and who know who Osun people are, the situation is shocking. For those that trusted their expectations, their hopes and their lives on the mandate that was given to Aregbesola, I’m sure, for them, it has gone beyond disappointment. They are yet to recover from the unexpected shock. So, we are expectedly waiting for that opportunity to load our gun through the voter’s card. I’m sure that good and better days shall come.

How would you react to the judgment of the tribunal and the Court of Appeal that upheld the election of your opponent?
I used to believe that the judicial system was founded and that it stood on the platform of justice, equity and fairness, but being a victim of injustice this time around, I would not hesitate to clearly say that it was not. That judgment from the tribunal to the Court of Appeal was nothing but disappointment. We have clear evidence where all the evidences showed that there was manipulation of results. The results that came from the polling units were not the results they announced. These are things that were presented before the tribunal which it admitted initially, but at the time of judgment, we were shocked when the court said they were admitted in error, and the same thing the Court of Appeal upheld. On what basis would you come to a judgment if evidence is of no relevant? So, my question is, what is the hope of the common man if the judiciary is no more their hope?
Most Nigerian politicians go on sabbatical once election is over and would resume activities few months to the election but you have kept your structures intact. Why this?
To me, my definition of politics is simply to be with your people, living with your people, appreciating your people and if it requires dying with your people. So, it is not a money thing alone. I’m here, I’m a true indigene of Osun State and I’m from Ikirun. I feel my people and I didn’t come to them because of election. It is all about being together. I can’t leave them because election is over. I’m here with them. Because I’m with them, I can feel their pain. When the time for another election comes and I’m opportune to contest again they will know that I’m part of them.

What do you think is the future of PDP?
The future of PDP is very bright. All we need to do is to reorganize our house, rebuild our structure and make sure that the round peg is put in the round hole.
It is common to hear from the ruling party that it was a wasted 16 years of PDP.  How would you assess the 16years of PDP in Nigeria?
The assessment is very simple. We took over practically from the military and we can see the achievements of PDP virtually all over the place. These are things you can’t hide. You can’t tell me you want to erase away 16 years that have been part and parcel of life generation; it is not possible.

Do you feel the absence of your father in respect of your political life?
Late Chief Simeon Oduoye was a prominent Nigerian and a father in a million whose words of advice and wisdom serves as necessary guidance and the compass guiding our lives and keeping us on the right path. I really miss him and his words of wisdom. No doubt, his absence is seriously felt but we take solace in the fact that he enjoyed divine support of having his children well trained and equipped with necessary trainings and exposures before he passed on.  We thank God that the trainings, lessons of life and experiences learnt from him are available as a potent platform to leverage on and get things done.