He pulled me closer to him, trying to get me to soften up. He felt he’d actually wronged me. He had no idea how extremely close to the truth he was. And though it seemed like I was upset because he’d insinuated I was cheating on him, I was on the contrary, I was actually trying to mask my guilt from him. If MD knew the sort of situation I was in, he’d probably strangle me to death. It’s one thing to find out your woman is cheating on you, it’s another thing to discover she is carrying the child of the man she’s cheating on you with.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart but you can’t blame me if I sometimes feel this way,” MD apologised. “You are young and pretty, a lot of younger men will be chasing after you. Many of them would give anything to be with you, regardless of the fact that you already have a child. And to make matters even worse, we don’t live together. So, anytime I am not here with you, my mind is always restless. I am always wondering if you were with another man.”

That was pretty too close for comfort. Silently, I thanked my stars, he really didn’t have any strong reason to suspect me of anything. That was when I turned to him. “Now, you tell me, MD, why do you think I would want to risk all of the comfort and love you have given to me for a man?

MD stared blankly for a few seconds at me.  He seemed unsure of what to tell me. I was looking straight into his eyes, trying to look very serious.

“You don’t understand, Anita…”

“I don’t understand what?” I’d thrown at him before he was done. “Explain what you mean to me and I’ll surely understand you.”

He paused for a while and then continued. “Sometimes, Anita, life is not always about comfort. There are other things that can bring you happiness other than comfort…”

“Like what?” I’d cut in.

“Like companionship,” he’d returned, turning to look straight at me.

“You’re a very pretty young girl, Anita, you shouldn’t be lacking companionship. A lot of men would be dying to have you as their woman, so you should not be left on your own for too long, otherwise men will be all over you, looking for your attention.”

I smiled at him. “It’s nice of you to think of me as a hot cake…”

“But you are my darling!” MD retorted very seriously.

“And to be honest with you, I can imagine the pressure you go through sometimes as young lady who lives apart from her husband.”

“I don’t get you MD, are you saying that I cannot be trusted because you and I don’t live together?” I asked him as a matter of fact.”

MD cleared his throat before speaking.

“It is not about me trusting you or not trusting you, Anita,” he said.

“So, what is it, then?”

“It’s about me leaving you here on your own all by yourself,” he paused for a while and then turned to me.

“Anita, will you like to come and live with me and my wife in the same house?”

Could I have heard him well? Could MD have actually said what I thought I heard him say? I turned to look at him squarely, eye ball to eye ball. He didn’t shift his gaze. I didn’t shift mine either. After a fleeting few seconds, he was the first to look away. What in heaven’s name could he be thinking of? Me, move into his house with his wife? How on earth could that possibly work?

“Seriously, MD?” I’d fired at him, my eyes blazing with suppressed anger. “Are you actually proposing I move into your house with your wife?” “See, Anita, I know you don’t like me bringing up this subject but really, I have thought about it, I think it is the best way out of this situation,” MD was trying to explain but I wasn’t even listening to him. I was too upset to do. Imagine! After giving me such a great time in bed, he wants to spoil it all with this nonsense talk. “No, please, MD, why now?” I’d shot at him. “Why are you bringing this up now? Why do you want to spoil such wonderful time we were having? This idea is such a bad one and you know it.”

He was silent. I was not willing to let the matter be. He just stirred up the hornet’s nest. “How could you have forgotten so quickly how sternly your wife warned me about ever thinking I could come and take her place? Have you forgotten?” I asked him, raising my voice this time. That woman threatened me. She made it clear she has no problem with me bearing your child. She made it clear she has no problem with my child and that she would love my child and show him love as best as she could. But she warned that I shouldn’t think of taking her place, otherwise she would show me the stuff she’s made of. Now, is that the woman you want me and my child to move in with?”

MD was still silent. He wasn’t saying anything. He knew I’d got him boxed into a corner. “You need to talk, MD, you have to answer me,” I demanded for his response. You started the subject, so let’s talk about it.” The man was at a loss for words. He turned away from me as though he was searching for a response somewhere in the air and then he turned to me. “But that was a long time ago, my dear, it was a long time ago and a lot has changed since then,” he said quietly but his voice lacking conviction. “A lot has changed, you say?” I’d shot back. “So, what has changed? Tell me what has changed? “”My wife has changed,” he returned. “How has she changed?” I retorted almost immediately. “She has slowed down. She has matured. Maybe she now realizes she should’ve handled things differently,” he answered. And from the look in his eyes, I could see he was getting slightly emotional about the whole thing. “How do you know this?” I’d asked him, surprised to hear the things he’d said.

“How do I know this?” MD had thrown back at me. “She’s my wife for crying out loud, so I should know. “I shook my head. “No, MD, it’s too big a risk to take. I won’t risk my happiness and that of my son to join you and your wife in your house!”

To be continued….