I became restless I. I became worried. I had to do something and very fast. I didn’t have any doubt in my mind that MD was going home straight to his wife to iron out the issue of me and Junior coming over to live under same roof with them. And from the determination on his face as he left the apartment, except a miracle happens and the wife puts up the mother of all resistance, I see MD succeeding in his quest. Now, if that happens, how would I deal with it? How would I tell MD I don’t want to move in with him and his wife? And what if I have no choice but to move in and his wife notices I could be pregnant, how am I supposed to wriggle out of that? No, it must not happen, I must do something and fast too!

Early the following morning, I went straight to Aunty Meg. She was surprised to see me at her door that early in the day.

“Ha, Anita, what’s up, hope there’s no problem,” she asked me, a puzzled look on her face. I just walked past her into her small but nicely furnished apartment.

“There is a problem, Aunty,” I said as I sank into one of the chairs in the living room.

“Problem? Is it another fresh problem or it’s the same one we’re trying to solve?” he asked.

“It’s a fresh problem, Aunty, this one just came last night?” I told her, my arms folded across my chest.

She sat down opposite me. “Okay, I’m listening, what is it?”

I let out a huge sigh and then continued: “MD wants me and my son to move in with him and his wife.”

For a few seconds, she appeared to be trying to process what I just said. Then, she responded, “but that should be good news, my dear, so what exactly is the problem with that?”

I shook my head in exasperation. “Aunty, you don’t get it, do you?” I’d shot at her. She still looked lost.

“No, I still don’t get it,” she answered.

“Can’t you see that if I move into MD’s house, then chances are that he could get to find out I am pregnant if I get to live under same roof with him.”

Aunty Meg still didn’t get it. “Okay, but, sooner or later, if you do not get it rid of it, he would eventually find out obviously. Or, how do you expect he would not know by the time your tummy begins to bulge?”

“But of course I do not intend for my tummy to bulge out before I do something about it, but I’m saying that, with his wife, my tummy does not have to bulge out before she’ll know I am pregnant, that’s what I’m saying.”

She nodded slowly. “Now, I see your point. So, what do you intend to do?”

“I have to do something about this pregnancy, Aunty Meg,” I told her with a voice laced with desperation. “Truth is, I do not intend to live with MD and his under the same roof, but just in case I don’t succeed and I find myself moving to the house, I cannot afford to let anyone discover I am pregnant.”

“You still haven’t told me what you want me to do?” Aunty Meg returned.

“Get me another doctor, Aunty Meg!” I retorted almost angrily. “Get me a doctor that will do exactly what I want and evacuate this baby from my system, not a doctor that will be asking me for sex and running his filthy hands all over my body!”

Aunty Meg could tell from the dead pan look on my face that I wasn’t kidding around. She could tell I was serious. She took me to the doctor and that messed things up me, now she’s gotto fix things up so I can move forward with my life. That I still had that baby in my tummy was a big risk. Supposing MD forced me to move over to his house right away, how would I conceal my tummy from his wife? I just had to do something and it had to be right away.

“Alright, Anita, don’t you worry, I know what to do”, Aunty Meg finally said. But I still wasn’t satisfied. I needed to get a clear understanding of what she meant by that.

“Okay, good, so what exactly are you going to do?” I’d asked her, desperate to hear something really comforting.

“I know another doctor we can go and talk to,” she’d said, sounding quite confident.

“Where is he and what kind of person is he?” I asked her impatiently.

“Take it easy, Anita, you’re bombarding me with questions, let’s take it one at a time, okay?”

I didn’t say anything, I simply kept looking at her, waiting for answers to my questions.

“This one is a little more elderly than that last one,” she’d begun. “I’ve known him a long time ago, he used to work in the hospital of my former company. But he’s very good and reliable too.”

I nodded my head like someone who was still in doubt. “So, Aunty, you trust this one?” I’d thrown at her.

“Sure, I do. He’s a thorough professional and like I said earlier, he’s a much older man. He won’t have time for all that nonsense,” she’d explained.

“So, where is his place?” I asked her.

“Not quite far from where we went the last time. They are both in the same vicinity. But, seriously, you have nothing to fear, I trust this man completely.”

I sighed with exasperation. “It’s okay, if you say so,” I retorted with a sneer on my face. “I hope he too won’t start running his hands over my body and then start talking nonsense because if he does that, I swear, I will slap him big time.” Aunty Meg wasn’t even saying anything, she was merely looking at me with an amused look on her face. And when I found she wasn’t prepared to talk just yet, I threw her another question; “so, when are we likely to go there?”

“When do you wish to go?” Aunty asked me.

“If you can leave right away, I’m ready.”

“Then, let’s move tomorrow morning, if we’re lucky, he could take care of I tomorrow as well.”


To be continued…