The choice is yours! (2)





I know MD very well. I know when he’s pleased with me and I know when he’s displeased but trying to conceal the fact that he’s upset with me. The man is angry with me right now but he’s trying hard not to show it. But what am I supposed to do now? How do I get out of the house and get rid of this unwanted baby inside my womb?

“Okay, MD, I get your point,” I said to him, trying to force a smile . “You want me to do the right thing, right, darling?” I’d asked.

But he merely shrugged his shoulder before answering, “It’s your call, Anita.”

Inside my head, I was wondering what do I do now? How do I got back to Aunty Meg and tell her we couldn’t go to the doctor’s place anymore, especially when she’d told me she may not be available for the next few days.

“Give me a few minutes, dear, let me go and tell Aunty Maggie that we have to reschedule our outing.” I said to MD but he was barely paying attention to me. He concentrated his attention on the television screen in front of him. But I knew better, the man wasn’t actually concentrated on the teevee, he was merely dismissing me.  That was his own way of telling me he was no longer going to discuss that issue with me.

“Ah! Anita, are you not ready yet?” she’d thrown at me before only realizing MD was in the room, seated on the chair.

“Oh! I see, no wonder!  You’re welcome, sir!” she greeted MD cheerfully, stepping into the living room to meet him.

“How are you, my dear?” MD responded warmly.

“I’m fine, sir. And how’s business?”

“Well, we thank God, but it could be better, “said MD, at his warmest best.

“So, Anita, this  means we may not be able to make our outing today, now that Oga is here, right?” she’d turned to me.

“Yes, Aunty,” I was just coming over to your place to tell you when you came in.  I wouldn’t want to leave the house now that my husband is here,” I said to her, using my eyes to communicate to her as I had my back turned to MD while we were talking. I was trying to tell her with my eyes to try and help out with the situation and get MD to allow me go out with her.  Wasn’t sure if she got the message I was trying to pass to her, but I just kept on trying anyway.

“It’s okay, dear. I understand,” the only problem now is that if we don’t go today, the woman we’re going to see will be travelling out of the country early tomorrow morning and may be away for a while. And it’s important you meet her today so she puts you in her plans when she’s buying things on her trip. We will have to wait till next time.”

I let out an exasperated sigh and wore a sad look on my face that showed clearly that I wasn’t happy with the situation. Aunty Maggie bade MD goodbye and took her leave with the promise that she’d see me later. Immediately I closed the door after she’d left, I made for my room and slumped on the bed and remained there. I knew that, if MD still cared about me like I knew he did, he would meet me in the room, knowing I was unhappy. And exactly four minutes later, I heard the bedroom door open, it was MD!


…to be continued