The man smiled. It was a confident and reassuring smile I must confess. “You will be perfectly okay, I guarantee you. My father and I are the best trained medical practitioners around. Both of us studied abroad and were trained abroad. That is why you see a lot of patients ignore other hospitals within this area and come to us. You will be okay, I give you my word.”

I gave a heavy sigh, closed my eyes for a moment and, without thinking, held his hand. “Thank you, you just made me feel a whole lot better.”

“I’m glad to hear that. So, shall we?” Doctor David asked, urging me to go ahead and undress.

“There’s just one favour I would like to ask of you, doctor” I said to him.

“And what could that be?”

“Can you do this D&C for me alone? I am not really comfortable with too many people…..”

“Seeing your nakedness, right?” he interjected, finishing the statement for me.

I slowly nodded. I had seen a couple of other young male doctors and a female come in and out of his office. I was scared he could also ask one of the guys to join him.

“Again, he flashed that lovely smile of his that I was starting to like. “Don’t worry, there won’t be any other male nurse with us but I will need a female nurse to assist me, is that okay by you?”

With a little grateful smile on my face, I nodded and thanked him. Then, slowly, I started to take off my under wears….

He could see I was clearly uncomfortable with undressing before him. So, he quietly excused himself, saying he needed to get the female nurse that would assist him to join him. Less than a couple of minutes after, he returned with the female nurse. She was a tall, pretty lady who had a lovely smile that immediately disarmed me the moment I saw her.

She moved close to me, and with a smile on her face, held me by the hand and said, “Don’t worry, you will be fine. You have nothing to worry about.”

I could only give a slight nod of the head. I wondered how she knew I was slightly uncomfortable and then realised the doctor must’ve told her a bit about me and why she needed to be warm and nice to me.

“So, madam, are you a little more relaxed now?” the doctor asked as they went about preparing all they needed for the abortion. Consciously, I placed a hand over my private part, I noticed Doctor David’s eyes kept darting towards my bushy pubic hair. I hadn’t shaved for a while and thy appeared a little overgrown. But hard as he tried to keep his eyes away as he and his nurse were getting their stuffs ready, his gaze kept coming back to my private part. So, I instinctively threw my right hand over the mounds of glittering and curly bushy hair. It was such a strange feeling, me just lying there totally naked while a young cute doctor was staring down at my nakedness.

“Alright, so, here we go,” the doctor said as he brought out the injection that would numb my body and leave me incapable of feeling any pain. He injected me and almost immediately, I could feel my entire system going through some sort of transformation. Shortly after, the nurse held my left leg and strapped it to the side of the bed and same with the other leg. Then, the doctor took one of his tools, inserted it inside my private part and the D&C proper began…

The whole thing barely lasted for 30 minutes. I could barely watch as the man scattered all the juicy things deposited inside my private part and began to scoop out blood and a colourless looking liquid from inside me. It was painful but the injection given to me to numb my body and ease the pain worked wonders otherwise, I would’ve gone crazy with the unbearable pain that would certainly have taken over me. By the time the doctor was finally done, I was surprised when I realized tears were slowly streaming down my face. I was feeling a deep pain right inside my heart. I couldn’t explain why but I suddenly felt sad to see the unborn baby I had carried in my womb for weeks waste away. It was as though a part of me just left me. How I wished that the pregnancy belonged to MD, only God knows the kind of child the baby would’ve grown into. It was so, so sad to see what would’ve come to life through me get tossed inside a bowl waiting to be disposed of like it was just a piece of garbage.

I watched the doctor as he carried out the D&C. He was so professional. At first, I was extremely uncomfortable, thinking he would take undue advantage of my naked body that was at his mercy. But not even once did I suspect he was touching me lustfully or catch him ogling at my exposed body. He did a great job, chatting with me and making me flash a few smiles during the period the abortion lasted. To say I was impressed with him would be understating the fact.

“Are you okay, madam? How are you feeling right now?” the doctor asked me as he helped me get up from the bed.

“I am okay, just feeling slightly weak, that’s all,” I replied, feeling somewhat heavy in the head.

“It’s okay, that’s to be expected. But you’ll be okay by tomorrow. But right now, you need to rest for at least, close to an hour before you can be fit enough to go home. Would you like to rest in my office or you’ll prefer the reception?” he asked me. I didn’t hesitate to tell him I preferred his office.

He and the nurse held me by the waist and helped me to his office. It was a really cosy and neat office. The air-conditioners in the room were on rampage, chilling every nook and cranny of the office. There was a stretcher bed in a corner of the office, it was on it they gently laid me.

“Thank you, doctor,” I said to him.

“You’re welcome, madam,” he responded.

“Please, stop calling me madam, my name is Anita. I will prefer you call me Anita, if you don’t mind,” I said to him.

He smiled. His lovely smile showing impeccably white dentition simply soothed my nerves. “I don’t mind, so long as it’s okay by you.”

There was a bit of silence. He sat in his chair, watching me, his eyes fixed on me.

“Hope I’m not disturbing you from your work?” I asked him.

“No, certainly not.” There was silence yet again. Then, from out of the blue, he said to me, “Can I ask you a question, Anita, if you don’t mind?”

“It’s okay, doctor,” I told him, “go ahead and ask your question….”

“Thank you,” he said, and then continued, “what exactly did my father do to you that you dislike him so much?”