Teenagers Strip Clubs Uncovered In Asaba !


Nosa Akenzua, Global Excellence’s Delta corresponcent, just discovered 8 joints where female young girls dance nakedmagiccity. The joint, located in Asaba, according to him, hosts bizarre activities, including pornographic shows, especially at weekends. Read on…
Phase I, II & III;

At these joints, teenage girls between 16-18 woo sex
hungry men with nakedness. Besides, the joints around Nnebisi road,
have tight security network and open to customers during wee hours.
Popularly called “Toronto”, the teenage girls “feel” the men in an
open lights strictly naked before they go into sexual negotiation.

Ugbolu New Heaven:

The joint operates both day and night along the
Ugbolu-Illah Expressway, but at nightfall these teenage girls
entertain men with naked dances. They show their public hair clearly
to me who in most case spend fortunes to have them on bed.
River-Niger resort: This joint is at the extreme of Asaba-Onitsha
Expressway where all kinds of meat are also for sale. Very busy,
teenage girls make love in the open after seducing men to disarm.

Kafaya Spot:

In this point, many things happens behind closed door,
especially with the teenage girls who came from across the Niger, they
wear clothes that cover their nudity and climb men seated drinking
their beer to give their breast to suck before negotiation.

Summit Express:

Though a new joint teenage girls are completely naked
to woo men, most of them show grown pubic hair and pump their breast,
they charge between N10,000 and N15,000 a night for sexual services.

Cable Spot:

This is the hottest joint in Asaba, in this joint, there
are teenage girls with big burst breast, while others with moderate
sizes troop into the joint laced with flowers to showcase their
curves. They woo men with their hot breasts.

Bosac Base:

Another hot joint where underage girls also frequent apart
from the hottest teenage girls, sex is free for all in this spot after
buying bottle of beer close to 13 bottles. The teenage girls dance
naked to woo men.

Uku Town:

In this joint there are fierce looking drunks who will stop
anybody not registered at the gate. Teenage girls boom the joint with
hot pants and the suck men’s dicks before negotiations.

Stop Over:

This joint is along Anwai road where teenage girls make
fortunes; they hoodwink men with sex after undressing themselves
during wee hours when they are set to cool off with men, men visit the
spot often, especially weekends.