S’West Guber Candidate Hunted By His Past


Nemesis has caught up with one of the gubernatorial candidates in Southwest region in Nigeria as he is currently being hunted by his nefarious activities committed in the past.

The white-bearded governorship candidate happened to be the consensus candidate of one of the richest governors with the longest cap in Nigeria.

It was observed that the ruling party frustrated his efforts in becoming the flag bearer of the party in that South-West state which led the candidate to seek new party to test his popularity.

It is still unclear to many while governor with the longest cap was adamant on using the least qualified candidate out of all his loyalists he has promised to give the governorship ticket to.

However, evidence has started coming out to reveal the motive behind the governor’s insistence of using the ex-convict as the next governor of one of the richest states in Southwest.

It was revealed that one of the reasons is to cover the atrocities of the governor with longest cap had committed.

However, investigation revealed that the governor with longest cap has converted the state resources to personal wealth.

Hence, this is one of the reasons the governor is currently using the state Paris fund to sponsor the new party of the ex-convict in ensuring he wins the forthcoming elections.

The candidate who was once in the longest cap governor administration as Special Adviser to governor on the revenue in 2011, but was later moved after committing atrocities to women welfare ministry.

The longest cap governor also forced the ex-convict on the people of the western part of the state to represent the constituency at the lower chamber in 2015.

Since, it was gathered that the ex-convict has become one of the top loyalists of the governor who is always ready to do is bidding.

Although, people of the axis where the ex-convict came from have been shouting of marginalization and the governor used the opportunity to scam the people by bringing his stooge.

Meanwhile, the criminal records of the governor ‘s consensus candidate is affecting his chances of becoming the governor.

Investigation revealed that the governorship candidate had served a jail term in United States of America for alleged tax fraud and that was why he was deported from the state some years back.

The investigation also revealed that because of his criminal record in US made him changed his name which started from alphabet “T” to alphabet “A”.

Further findings showed that the longest cap governor was adamant because he has the record of the crimes the governorship candidate committed when he was his SA and beyond.

Further investigations revealed that the governorship candidate was involved in printing of revenue tickets which was later discovered by the governor. The governor who got angry arrested the candidate and locked him at the police headquarters in the state.

Investigation also showed that the documents used by the candidate in commiting the atrocities is still with the governor and he want to use that against him if he ever go against his demands.

However, some of the atrocities committed by this governorship candidates may spoil his chances of becoming the next governor of the southwest state as many people are seeing his government as third term agenda of the longest cap governor.

-Akin Alade