Stephanie Linus Produces Film on Aba Women Riot


Veteran Nigerian actress, filmmaker and women and girls advocate Stephanie Linus has announced her upcoming project titled “When Women Were Counted,” based on a historical adaptation of the Aba Women’s Protest of 1929. She will be producing the movie and will also be joined by Ibe Gerald Oluchi and Joy Isi Bewaji as part of the writing team.

According to a historical account by Ihuoma Elizabeth Obienusi, “The women’s protest of 1929, known among Igbo women as Ogu Umunwanyi occurred from November 23, 1929, to January 10, 1930. It was a resistance movement whereby women in the eastern provinces of the British Colony of Nigeria intended to reverse colonial policies that intruded on their political, economic, and social participation in local communities. Women participants included predominantly Igbo and Ibibio women; however, Ogoni and Andoni women, among others participated.”

Along with the project reveal she made on her official Instagram handle, the actress also announced a casting call.

She said,

Hey, Amazonians and Warlords, When Women Were Counted- A film project by Stephanie Linus #upcomingproject. Working on this movie since 2018 has been a spiritual awakening of some sort for me and my team. It’s been six years and I am glad to announce that we are ready!

Working with some of the best minds (a historian and my writer) to put this together has been a very emotional journey.

There’s a lot to tell about the women of that era – our foremothers. The ones whose voices were not diminished, they did not hide under patriarchy, they were communal, brave, outspoken, unashamed – and they fought for what they believed in.

Sisterhood started in the 1920s. A bond so strong even Europeans with guns acknowledged that women cannot be silenced. This is our story: When Women Were Counted.