Star Actress, Ireti Osayemi’s Husband Opens Up On Marriage Breakup Tale


Bad news spread faster, they say. Of course, bad publicity is never welcome, but how it is managed matters.

Ireti Osayemi, rumoured to have dumped her marriage


Ireti and her kids
Ireti and hubby; “our marriage is intact”

Sizzling actress, Ireti Osayemi, just suffered one. Her ten years old marriage to star television producer, Bakare Adeoye a.k.a. Bakky Adeoye, was reported to have hit the rocks allegedly over adultery.


The report claimed that Ireti had abandoned her husband and two kids and moved into the home of a certain Ogun State born big hotelier who it alleged had been her secret lover for some time.


In some professions, especially the movie industry where both Ireti and her husband belong, thinking that bad publicity won’t happen isn’t an option. It is such a peculiar industry that one has to be prepared for the possibility to have a better chance of limiting the damage and staying in control of the situation.

In this brief chat with the Editor, FOLORUNSHO HAMSAT, Ireti Osayemi’s husband, Bakky Adeoye, shares the truth about the present state of their marriage, and more.




Is it true that your wife abandoned you due to misunderstanding?

There’s no misunderstanding that can’t be handled domestically and privately. My wife is still at home.


Share your experience as a strong pillar behind your wife’s career.

Well, I’ll say it’s just simply natural for partners to rub on each other. It’s normal and expected to be a part of her growth in her composed career. All I did, still doing and would do in future are normal things I should do for my wife to assist her career.


As an experienced married man, what is the necessary tonic for a happy and lasting marriage?

There’s no marriage school and whatever I may say would basically be from my perspective and experience. Some of the necessary tonics are unblemished love, I always advise that the couple should love each other. That means that when chips are down, the lady or the man comes first. They should ensure great understanding between each other.  The two have become one and they mustn’t hide anything from each other. No lies.  They should be there for one another and weather the storms together because high and low times are bound to occur. They must be ready to support one another at all times and avoid third party in their affair.  They should keep friends and family away from their issues and challenges.  The couple must shun peer group pressure and influence. Both should be responsible and responsive.  Beyond love, understanding and uprightness, a man loves to be respected. Respect him and give him peace of mind to blossom and be a good husband.


Tell us about your immediate past movie projects and what new things the fans should expect soon.

In recent past, I’ve been part of some drama series as Line Producer/Production Manager for Micro Media Productions (now Platinum Vision Productions). Some of the productions from their stable are: Taste of Love, Casino, Oghenekome and yet to be released Kisshi. I’m always part of Genesis Studio’s jobs and projects: So Wrong So Wright,  Tales of Eve and Price is Right. I managed a world class movie for one of the best directors, Tade Ogidan last year. The title is Gold Statue. Also, I’m involved in an FCMB Micro Finance sponsored drama series by Dr Sola Foster’s Centre Stage Production titled Stepping Up. In the offing are Victoria Island and Caged in the Creeks, both movie projects planned for this year and some other drama series we’re working on their logistics.


It’s surprising to those who read the story of the breakup. What do you tell them?

The story is false and has no iota of truth. We’re still married.


Rumour had it that your wife became angry after you took another wife. Is that correct and do you have another wife?

Where’s this coming from? I did not take another wife and I’m not considering taking another wife.