Southwest Gov., Top Monarch Fighting Over Female Politician


There’s silent acrimony between a popular South West State governor and a respected monarch in the state over a female politician’s ambition, insiders have revealed to Global Excellence magazine.


The cold war, it was gathered, is fixed around the APC female deputy governorship candidate, simply named Noimo, who hails from the monarch’s domain and is getting the monarch’s support which doesn’t go well with the governor who is famous for his unique ‘skyscraper’ cap.


The governor had reportedly warned the monarch of ‘dire consequences’ should he continue his support for Noimo, to the disadvantage of his own governorship candidate and his deputy who are contesting on another party platform.


The governor is an APC governor but floated a new party to realize the plan to make his handpicked choice the next governor of the state when his party, APC went for another candidate, a billionaire tycoon who majors in oil and gas.


“The governor threatened to deal with the monarch if he doesn’t publicly declare his support for his candidate”, a source told Global Excellence magazine.


Despite the Kabiyesi explaining that he was throwing his support for the APC governorship candidate based on his wise decision to have picked his deputy from his Awori tribe, a first time honour in the history of the Aworis in the state, sources said that the governor was adamant, insisting the monarch must withdraw his support for Noimo or face his wrath.


-Akin Alade