South Africa based, Gbangucci, Speaks On His Music


Gbangucci 2 

Timi Gbenga Samuel the popular South Africa based Nigerian singer known as Gbangucci, in this interview with RAHMAN IS’MAIL, speaks on his fame abroad, his lifestyle and more. Excerpts…

What’s behind your stage name, Gbangucci?
I got the name way back in the University in Nigeria. I can say
precisely in 1999. The name was given to me by fellow students
because of my love for the Gucci brand.

When did you leave Nigeria for South africa?
I really never left Nigeria directly for South Africa, I spent
some time in a North American country before heading for SA. I
will say I got to South Africa in 2009.

Please, share the genesis of your music career.
I will say it started briefly back in Nigeria but I was just doing something like freestyle with my artist friends then. Later on, when I got to SA, I
just called a friend of mine who worked as my manager to get
me a booking at a good studio. He was surprised because it was
a impromptu call. I drove down to the studio where I did my
first track titled ‘Booty Pumping’ produced by Kimzbeat.

What were the challenges that faced you at that point?
The challenge was just time. I had to mix singing with my car sale business which was time consuming. I was lucky to have a trusted friend who handled the car business and sales on my behalf. So, I was able to focus on music.

Tell us how your music brand is received South Africa.
It is amazing and that can be seen on my social media where
most of my fans are South Africans and Nigerians living in SA and at various shows as well. We had the first TV/video airplay right in
South Africa from MTVBase and that was something huge for me. The same goes for the radio airplays until we gradually took the bold step to my fatherland, Nigeria.

You are also called Mr. Sexual Healer, why?
Mr. Sexual Healer came from one of my singles titled ‘Sexual
Healer’ where I painted the character of a lady being a sexual healer
whom I am deeply interested in and attracted to.

Tell us about your hit tracks and artistes you’d duet with.
I have done a lot of singles. We have done Booty Pumping, Esselen, Aunty, You Are Mine, Bend Down Low, Falling For You, Baby Boo Nwayo, Sexual Healer, amongst others. I have done collaboration with Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma with ‘You Are Mine’ (remix), I did one with Remi Aluko titled ‘Aunty Remix’ and I did one with Olamide Baddo titled ‘Baby Boo Nwayo Reloaded’.