Socialite, Temidayo Lucky Kafaru Accuses Wife, Diana Logico’s Family of Blackmail and Fraud, Denies Child Abuse, Sexual Assault Allegations

Socialite, Temidayo Lucky Kafaru Accuses Wife, Diana Logico's Family of Blackmail and Fraud, Denies Child Abuse, Sexual Assault Allegations


Socialite Temidayo Kafaru has stated in strongest terms, that he is innocent of all the allegations that he had carnal knowledge of his house help or was engaged in unnatural acts with his own beloved son. All the allegations published by Mrs Edwina Logico and her daughter Diana Faith Logico, are grossly false, defamatory, malicious, concocted and totally made-up and have no iota of truth in it, he said.


Temidayo has been accused by his estranged wife in a report published by some sections of the media.



Temidayo broke his silence over the allegations of sexual molestation, rape and assault, describing the report as nothing but a tissue of lies carefully drafted by his estranged wife, Diana Faith Logico aka Ododo Yankee Dudu to drag his hard earned reputation through the mud.



Temidayo would give up anything in this world to give his son all that he needed to put a smile on his face. Temidayo who is always proud to mention becoming a father was the best thing that he did with his life, dragging his beloved son to social media is really barbaric and heartless by his estranged wife.



Temidayo, who is troubled by the false report said he had suffered the most horrific moments of his life during the short period of the doomed marriage.



To set the record straight, Temidayo is a man known for his long history of integrity and excellence. And he has never been accused or caught in any undignified acts despite being constantly in the entertainment spotlight.



It is not only ridiculous but pure wickedness to frame him up in baseless accusations of sexual molestation against his son and sexual relationship with his househelp.



The unassuming young man alleged that he became the public enemy number one of his wife, Diana and her mother, one Edwina Logico when their gold digging mission to wreck his finances backfired.



According to sources, the Logicos have a reputation for marriage racketeering with men and go all out to protect their evil deeds when their victims discover the truth. A quick reminder of the family’s notorious acts of blackmail and marriage racketeering include the break up of Deji Falope, – a famous TV star of Top 10 Naija countdown fame marriage to one of the Logico’s daughters.



Stories abound of other alleged victims of the Logicos alleged big family gold digging and marriage racketeering targeting rich and successful men. According to sources, the family’s current victim, Temidayo is in a bad shape financially because of the alleged financial burden imposed on him by the Logicos led by the family’s matriarch, Edwina Logico.



It was also gathered that Diana Faith Logico and her Mother refused to honor the invitation by the Legal Department of Zone 2 Command 3 Consecutive times.



Temidayo love and cherished his beloved son so much, and detest any kind of revulsion for sexual deviance of any kind. The entire allegation is as a result of frustration and anger from Mrs. Edwina Logico and her daughter Diana Faith Logico.