Slicks Nightclub Manager Speaks On Success And Challenges


She is perhaps one of the hottest female club managers in Lagos. She has also played her role well as the Manager of Slicks Night Club at VGC entrance. In this interview, she spoke on how she took the baton from Louise Priddy and the challenges of her job. Excerpts…


Could you take us through your educational background?

I studied at Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State. I have a diploma in criminology, went on to study Law and graduated and later moved to Political Science department.

How did you start entertainment?

I started entertainment from childhood, I wanted to be in the movies or cast news and all that. I would read the newspaper for my dad and listened to Ruth Opia from NTA. I always wanted to know everyone in the showbiz industry. My parents wanted me to be a lawyer and I wanted to be in showbiz too. Whenever I told people what I wanted; they would say you can’t do all that while practising Law. It was annoying and I just wanted to go with the flow till something happened. While still at the university, I went to the club(Bacchus Ikoyi) and I saw Louise Priddy,  I just knew what I was going to do after school(run a club, then own a club).

As a budding female showbiz person, how did you break through in event promotion and club management? 

Breaking through in events promotions, I would say is attributed to the passion I have for showbiz. It’s a taxing job but it’s what I love and enjoy. As for club management; it’s innovation, people don’t want the same thing every weekend, and to run a club, you need to be level headed. Nobody wants to come to a place where the owner or manager is arrogant.

What were your challenges?

Challenges?  The job is hectic. I don’t sleep at most nights and when it’s holiday for other people, I work a lot to satisfy my customers. Men also make advances and think they can entice me with money. I am a professional and I don’t have time for frivolities.

What’s the name of your event company?

My company is called MW events. We operate from VGC, Lagos.

When did you establish it?

It was established in 2014 with the vision of meeting the needs of our customers and planning events in Lagos and beyond.

What areas of event are you into?

Events organisation/cordination and promotion, TV production and editing, club and hotel management.

How would you define fashion?

Fashion to me is being unique. I don’t have to be like the next girl in our street. It’s not a brand thing but it’s how you feel comfortable.

What are your beauty secrets?

I drink a lot of water and coconut oil. I also use face cleanser and moisturiser.

What are your roles at Slick Night Club?

I am the Managing Director of Slick Night Club and I head the team for all events and planning.

As a female manager, how do you compare your roles to that of a male manager?

I don’t compare my role to a male manager, I work to get my job done and achieve my goals.

Where do you prefer for your vacation?

Maldives and Zanzibar.

What are your big plans?

To own my club/hotel and events center.

Tell us about your family

I am married to my best friend and we have two kids- a girl and a boy.