Singer Portable’s Wife Accuses DJ Chicken For Harassment, Writes Police


Omobewaji, the wife of controversial singer Portable, has filed a report to the Nigeria Police, accusing DJ Chicken of attempting to blackmail her.
She disclosed that after receiving repeated threats from the influencer, she made the decision to report the incident to the police.
Omobewaji disclosed in her police petition that she was the target of a blackmail attempt by DJ Chicken, who claimed to having her bedroom video with another man.
He threatened to destroy her and her family after she chose to ignore him, which was what prompted her to report to the police.
Her petition to the police against DJ Chicken read: “I am a law abiding woman and happily married with kids for my husband. I wish to kindly bring to your notice the criminal activities of the aforementioned person and his cohorts who have vowed to make life unbearable for me and my family.”
“Some few months ago the said DJ. Chicken called me and started threatening to exposed me via social media platforms that he have a video of me having sex with someore and that if I don’t cooperate, he will publish it online.”
“At first 1 thought it was a joke until recently he started sending me threaten Messages that he will come after me and my family since I choose not to agreed to his demand just of recent some strange numbers started calling me and promised to kill me and my family.”
“Sir kindly use your good office to come to our aid. Sir, as I speak none of us can go out for fear of being killed by this Abiodun Ademola (a.k.a) DJ. Chicken.”
“Counting on your kind assistance and prompt-respond sir.”