Scott Tommey: Tribute to An Accomplished Entrepreneur @51 *by Emmanuel Ajibulu


Out of God’s infinite grace and mercy, November 12 uniquely stands as one special day when Scott Tommey appears to be everyone’s attention. This is one auspicious moment when friends, business associates, employees, family members, will leave no stone unturned to make him feel special, deservedly so.



Born on November 12, 1970, the Chairman of Osmoserve Global, an indigenous company that provides Marine and Engineering services to the Oil and Gas industry, Parastatals, States, and Federal Government, an Africa’s leading business icon and a patriot with integrity that trusts and puts God first in everything he finds himself doing.



Tommey’s deep aversion for injustice, empathy for humanity, magnificent taste for good, a superb dress sense and magnanimity stands him out any day, anytime. He, like a few others has showed that the love of fellow humans is still possible, by practicing ‘live and let’s live’ as a mantra. He is self-confident but not arrogant nor reckless. His deep immersion and abiding love for people is sparkling clear.



I am yet to situate him properly whether he is Marxist, progressive, conservative, leftist, centrist, liberalist or technocrat. He is all rolled into one and much more-a humanist. He has a heavy inclination and burden for humanity. His commitment to advancing the cause of human dignity is a religion to him and as well to good governance, democracy, socio-economic advancement and the welfare of all, (wo)men regardless of religious or political creed is self-evident in all his dealings. He is passionate and compassionate to a fault and as well quite emotional. Perhaps, it is right to say he is a man of immense empathy toward fellow creatures.



Tommey, a true family man, husband of Seiyefa, is from a royal family of Tommy Ikott, Afia Nsit village in Eket Local government of Akwa Ibom State; a seasoned administrator, astute consultant and business strategist has lived a practical life sustained on hard work and the benevolence of God, his knack for helping people is a clear understanding of life as a temporal place of abode and no amount of primitive accumulation can suffice. Because of this simple yet factual understanding of life, his continued successes and fulfillment in life and especially in business and investment have continued to remain shining examples to the youths who see him as their mentor and role model uniquely worthy of emulation.



Tommey is an example in excellent inter-personal skills, emotional intelligence and has not allowed the achievements he has made so far to becloud his humanity. He is ever ready to give a listening ear and ready to help a distressed person find comfort which accounts for the steady stream of visitors to his office and home on a daily basis.



Receiving a deluge of goodwill, celebratory messages, kind words and prayers from all over the world aren’t coming by accident, but simply because he truly deserves them. The man is divinely blessed, especially when one considers that the Bible says in its book of Proverbs that “a good name is to be chosen rather than great riches” but Scott Tommey is one of the few blessed with both great riches and a great name. The handsome, stylish, intelligent, Nigerian philanthropist is practically ubiquitous across the African continent and in elite circles across the world, yet displaying exceptional value of humility.



Many Nigerians are thankful to God that Scott Tommey has not limited his generosity to his immediate family. His life embodies the Francis Bacon quote that says “Charity begins at home but should not end there.” For many years, he has consistently given multiple scholarships to indigent students across the country, also contributing significantly towards the security of lives and property with his generous donations. This well thought out philanthropy is to its recipients, a lifeline and a powerful pull from the rubble that their homes and lives had been reduced to.



Scott Tommey phenomenally stands out as an investor per excellence who impressively remains an embodiment of Nigerian entrepreneurial spirit. His focus, endurance and commitment to a prosperous Nigeria and indeed Africa have marked him out for greater glory. The fact that he treasures the virtue of true friendship and loyalty to any cause he believes in, gives him the cutting edge. I sincerely join his family, friends, protégés and well-wishers in thanking God for his exemplary life. It is my prayer that the Almighty God continues to bless him with robust health, more achievements and enduring happiness without regrets. Congratulations sir.


-Ajibulu is a seasoned media entrepreneur, a writer, PR consultant, and publisher of