“Sahara Reporters Demanded Money From Saraki” …Senate President Aide Alleges




Aide to Senate President Bukola Saraki, Mr. Bamikole Omisore has described the publisher of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore as a thief and blackmailer who tried to extort his principal, Bukola Saraki, using the Senate President’s case at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT). Mr. Omisore was reacting to Sahara Reporters‘ allegation that Senator Saraki paid the chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal Danladi Umar, $2million to get a favourable judgement in his false assets declaration case.

Mr. Omisore who dismissed Sahara Reporters‘ allegations as baseless said that if there was any proof of such wrongdoing, Mr. Sowore would have blown it open through the whistle blower policy. Mr. Omisore made these known through his Twitter handle:

“@yelesowore everyone knows you have strong appetite for $$$, if you had evidence of $2 million bribe, you will blow whistle”

He described Mr. Sowore as a fraud and blackmailer, who dances to the tune of his paid masters;

“You are a fraud & days of fake news[are] coming to an end. Nigerians are wiser, you can’t use propaganda to extort.

“I know this is a personal loss for you. No more excuse for you to milk your pay masters to use CCT to blackmail.

Bamikole Omisore implied that Sahara Reporters‘ publisher had tried to extort Senate President Saraki through the publication of many negative news about him;

“OMOYELE SOWORE is a THIEF, BARAWO. You cannot use your platform to blackmail Saraki to get $$$[dollars].”

He described Saraki’s victory as a victry for the rule of law, democracy, the judiciary, and justice, but a loss to propagandists;

“The victory from CCT today is victory for democracy, victory for rule of law. Loss for propagandist like @YeleSowore

“I’m sure if the prosecution had a case or we paid @YeleSowore as demanded. I’m sure it will be justice even with same judges in your eyes.”

Senate President Bukola Saraki was yesterday discharged and acquitted by the Code of Conduct Tribunal in his false assets declaration case.