ROMANCE: Why Sex Is Better With Pubic Hair


There’s so much fuss these days about pubic hair, who can keep track of all the trends? Bald is in, bush is back, and do you remember the bejeweled vagina trend? When picking a pubic coiffure, bear mind that there are some reasons sex is better when you don’t shave down there.


But before getting into the thick of it, I really encourage you to think about what makes you choose a public hair style. Are you going bald to please your partner? Is that landing strip there for you? Every woman wants to feel good about her body, and as psychologist Debby Herbenick wrote in Psychology Today, “a little pubic hair trimming is unlikely to radically shift [your] sexual lives.”

Doing what you want to do with your vagina, including pubic hair grooming habits, can have an effect on your sex life. And in some cases, for the better. Herbenick noted that “learning about each other’s bodies, likes/dislikes, and preferences, and practicing technique (which can be fun!) are more likely routes to more pleasurable sex.” I could not agree more.

While I’m unlikely to change something about my body to please my partner just because he or she asks me to, I will consider the request if the guy or gal takes the time to explain what’s a turn on/turn off or if something feels better or worse. As someone who spends a good deal of time in a bikini, I’ll say that my preference is for a clean pubic region. But, I’m willing to concede that there are reasons sex could be hotter with a full bush.

1It Feels Soft To Touch

From experience, I can say that stubble is not a pleasant feeling when you’re rubbing up against a woman. And though pubic hair is usually coarse, it can be soft, especially if you shower with a moisturizing body wash.

2A Full Bush Is Taboo… And That’s Hot

If you’ve watched porn lately, you’ll notice that most of the women in the videos are bald down there. A lot of people look to porn to define social mores, according to LiveScience. So that makes a bush taboo. And taboos are hot… which can lead to steamy sex sessions.

3Some People Like A Tickle

A Jezebel article that asked guys’ opinions on women’s pubic hair shed some light on the issue. One respondent wrote: “Personally I like as much pubes as possible because they tickle my penis and feel good during sex.” Go figure.

4Your Partner Loves You Just The Way You Are

It may sound corny, but this platitude rings true. When your partner loves you “as is,” you will feel confident in your body and yourself. The more confidence you have, the more you will slay in bed. And more importantly, you will enjoy yourself more.

5Long Hair Will Make You Go Wild… In Bed

Letting your hair grow wild might be just what you need to get freaky between the sheets. Hey, you never know until you try!