Roll-out Plan For Light Up Kwara’s Phase 2 Released


Rubitec Power Limited is one of the two outfits seeing to the Light-Up Kwara (LUK), a Kwara State government solar-powered streetlight project. The company, we learned has released a comprehensive installation roll-out plan for the second phase of the project. The roll-out plan made available by the state Ministry of Energy stated that civil works component and the streetlight installation will be covered in three phases over a period of six months. ‘For section 1, a total of 256 poles will be deployed, covering 8.70km of roads across three routes within the Metropolis, including Kulende Estate Junction – FCMB Murtala Road, Maraba – Oja-Oba and General Roundabout – Oja-Oba. While for section 2, 392 poles will be erected across six routes, covering 9.952km. The routes to be covered are Michael Imodu–Offa Garage, Offa Garage – Unity roundabout, Unity roundabout – FCMB Murtala, Geri Alimi – CAILS and other roundabouts within the Metropolis. The road length to be covered under the third phase is 6.36km with 196 poles installed across four routes including Emir’s road – Post Office, Balogun Fulani – Gambari, Yebmot roundabout – Adeta roundabout and Abdulkadir road, Ilorin, the ministry’s official said