Rising Nollywood Actress, Ebun Olatoye Opens Up on Her Affair with Actor Odunlade Adekola

Rising Nollywood Actress, Ebun Olatoye Opens Up on Her Affair with Actor Odunlade Adekola


Ebunoluwa Olatoye of ‘Omo Aje’ movie fame, is currently one of those to be reckoned with in Nollywood, as she has just come out with another blockbuster movie titled, ‘Secret Of The Grave’.

Trained by one of the best hands in the make-believe trade, Omo Aje, as she’s fondly addressed, bares it all in this chat with RAHMAN IS’MAIL. Among other topics, the Ogun State born, Lagos bred sultry actress speaks about her first love experience, her view on the Coronavirus pandemic, including her affair with fellow actors like Kunle Adegbite and, most importantly, Odunlade Adekola.



Tell us more about yourself?

I was christened Ebunoluwa Olatoye, but I am known as Omo Aje courtesy my role in a flick titled Omo Aje. I was born and raised in Lagos, a native of Abeokuta, Ogun State. I happened to be the last born in the family of six. Professionally, this is my 14th year in the industry.


You will agree that sexual harassment truly exists in your industry, have you ever been a victim?

Well, I do hear and read cases of ladies being harrased in the industry sexually but to be honest, I have never experienced such since I came on board . Yes, I get advances every now and then from some producers, directors and actors but it is not just appropriate to forcefully indulge me into what I don’t want all in the name of giving me movie roles. I am an adult, by the virtue of that I should be able to identify what is good and otherwise for me. In this wise, I will say ladies are to be blamed for any case of sexual harassment for movie roles. If you don’t give in willingly I don’t think you can be forced into it. So it is a matter of choice.


You are such a beautiful lady, and you will have scores of men running after you. How do you play the game?

When it comes to handling male admirers I would say I am so flexible and at the same time complex. Naturally, I am very dynamic and unpredictable. I give it to you in accordance with the way you present yourself without being rude. Having scores of men running after you as an actress is part of the interesting prizes of being an actress. I am always prepared. Whenever I find myself in such situation I’m frank about it; if I’m not interested I say it and make it clear to you in the best mannerism because I don’t pretend. I admire guys that call me to talk about my job. Sincerely, I respect everybody that comes my way and at the end we become friends.


When was Omo Aje movie produced?

Omo Aje was produced 2015 and released 2016.


Who are some of the actors that featured in the flick and who directed it?

The movie featured actors like Odunlade Adekola, Ireti Osayemi, Segun Ogungbe, Kemi Afolabi, Tunde Owokoniran, Eniola Ajao, Idowu Adenekan, Lekan Olatunji and a host of others while it was directed by Odunlade Adekola.


Were you trained in the profession, who rained you and when did you graduate?

I was trained at Fatuns Films under Murphy Afolabi. I graduated in 2013. To God be the glory.


As a producer, have you ever featured in other actors’ movie productions?

Yes. I have featured in a number of flicks aside my own, among which are: Eni Ola, Yara Keta, Yeye Alara, Ida, My Secret, Vengeance, Amona, Starboy, Lasisi Alaapoka, Kara, Wedding Ring , Saamu Alaajo, and a host of others.


What was the most challenging role you have ever played?

The most challenging role to me so far was the character I played in ‘Omo Aje’; the incarnations and the delivery in that movie were so challenging because I had never done it before then. Due to my background, I was raised by an Igbo mother. But right now I kill every role that comes my way.


What is your take regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, how does it affect your business?

I pray that our government and the world at large have solutions to this Covid-19 because it has done a lot of damages to Nigerians and even to the earth planet. Nobody could go to work and if you don’t work how will you feed yourself and your family ? It’s alarming I must confess. May God help us.


What do you think government ought to have done or should do for the citizens?

Government should have announced closure of our borders earlier to avoid people coming in from abroad because this coronavirus started from overseas, so I think they should have closed both land and air borders earlier. Then for the citizens, government needs to give more tokens as palliatives so they can stay home longer to curb the spread of coronavirus.


A lot of women nowadays do sleep with men they don’t love. If you happen to find yourself in such a situation, what would you do?

As a fact, no condition can make me sleep with a man I don’t love. I had been intimidated by a lot of men that could help me yet I did not slept with them. I’m a woman of virtue, though I’m not a saint. I can do anything with the man that I really love.


Could you share your romance experience with us?

I’m sorry, that’s personal to me. Everybody enjoys lovemaking.


How did it feel with your first experience?

It was a mixed bag of feelings; bitter-sweet (general laughter).


What was that crazy thing you had done for love?

The craziest thing I did for love was when I left my rich boyfriend for the one I truly loved even when he had nothing. Immediately I saw the person I loved I told my rich guy that I needed to go for the person I truly loved. And it was a mutual agreement between us, no hard feelings from any of us.


What is that bad habit you are wishing to drop?

Though I have no bad habits, I wish I could keep every friend that comes my way. But it’s just a habit I can’t make friends much because ImI an introvert. I wish I could, though.


Omo Aje movie shot you to the limelight, how did you come about the concept? 

I had produced a movie before Omo Aje, but when Odunlade Adekola hinted me about the story I immediately fell in love with it because he gave me the concept and directed it. During the shooting, I knew the job would turn out a bomb. I respect and admire my boss, Odunlade Adekola for what he has been doing for me. His efforts in making me a sought-after actress is awesome. He is one of the few senior colleagues I am grossly indebted to. And, of course, I would be an ingrate if I ever fail to acknowledge the support and love I got from the likes of my other able bosses, Kunle Adegbite, Murphy Afolabi, Gemini Films boss, Chief Olufemi Odunuga and other wonderful souls that surround my life.