Rights Group Condemns Attack on NPA MD, Hadiza Usman

Rights Group Condemns Attack on NPA MD, Hadiza Usman



Rights Monitoring Group and Centre for Convention on Democratic Integrity (RMG & CCDI), has called for an investigation into an alleged assault on the  The managing director of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Hadiza Usman, while attending a hearing at the National Assembly on Tuesday.




The  President of the Groups, Comrade Olufemi Aduwo condemned the attack in the statement made available to media  on Sunday urge  the Inspector General of Police to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of the act.




Aduwo, the Permanent Representative of CCDI to United the Nations described the physical assault on Halima within the premises of National  Assembly  as barbaric and if those behind the attack were left unpunished, it would send a wrong signal that the National Assembly premises is security threat to public officials and other citizens even to the lawmakers too.




It’s unthinkable that criminals sponsored by some individuals were allowed access to the National Assembly premises to intimidate and humiliate a government officials of her level or anybody in such environment is the height of lawlessness and disrespect the National  Assembly.


Ms Usman alleged that the action was perpetrated “by people believed to be hirelings of  company contract was recently terminated ,that should enough clue for police to work on and get these criminals arrested.



The MD must be commended for the level of development and transparency recorded so far within three years of her tenure, which has superseded the combined achievements of her predecessors and gender should not be issue of consideration across the sector.




Many Nigerian women are capable than men in some vital leadership positions. Mrs Amina, the Deputy Secretary General of United Nations is good example.



Comrade Aduwo