Rhodah: Nigeria-born Act Shakes The World …drops ‘The Light’



Nigerian born talents in the diaspora are still making great impacts in different areas of human endeavour, especially the thriving showbiz arena.

Sade Adu, Asha, to mention just a few, remain Nigeria’s iop hitters outside our shores.  But one name that will shock the entire world is simply Rhodah who has just dropped her debut single in far away America.

Ravishingly-beautiful, talented and uniquely-voiced, Rhodah whose exploits started before she jetted out of the country a few years ago, is already inching for the top of the charts few days after the drop of the single aptly titled ‘The Light’, released three weeks ago in California, USA.

She had relocated to America shortly after her graduation from the Ondo State University. Rhodah was also the toast of many social events within the campus as won the heart of some label owners locally.

Rhodah equally won two two musical competitions ‘’Felabration, the annual festival which honours Afro beat king, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and ‘’Gotham Cify ‘’ music competition, back home.

’ The Light’ clearly defines the enterprising brand, Rhodah, and her creative ingenuity – her genre of music which is pop.

Born Rodah Olabisi some two decades-plus ago in Ondo State, she even had the option of first releasing the single in Nigeria. but because has always aimed at being an international star, she waited so as to practically combine her work –  Africannes with that of the outside word – and the heartening result is ‘The Light’


Mastered by a Grammy nominated producer, Gemini Muziq, Zakari James, an accomplished American producer, gave it the final touch. It was released on all streaming services and the reactions have been massive.

Rhodah who belongs to the pop music genre, has already carved a niche for herself and has no intention of deviating for whatever reasons. ‘’my music is simple but classic. Over the years I have tried to create an identity for myself and I have successfully done that.

‘The Light’ explains it better. It is a music for all and sundry. It can be utilized for jingles and commercials by companies and individuals. It also boasts of timeless values.’’

Explaining further on the juicy ingredients contained in the hit single, fast and articulate talking Rhodah described it as the result of a well researched effort on what the world yearns for musically today. ‘’Yes, what I have is  a good blend of American and African rhythms, ’’ she offered from her base in Houston, USA, last weekend.

‘Just click to any of the apps, Youtube to be precise, and listen to the sonorous voice of Rhodah who plans to drop an album come Summer this year, ‘’that is when the world would know me more.’’