Revealed! How Gov. Fayose Plans To Settle Ekiti Workers’ Eight Months Salaries


The next governorship election comes up in Ekiti State on Saturday 14th of July, 2018. The contest will be between the deputy governor of the state, Prof Olusola Eleka of PDP who is the crowned candidate of the sitting governor, Dr. Ayo Fayose, and the APC’s Dr. Kayode Fayemi and candidates from other parties.

However, Govenor Fayose had appealed to pensioners and the civil servants in the state that the 8 months salary arrears and 17 months backlogs for pensioners owed them would be paid on July 18th, 2018.

Note that, the date the governor promises to offset the workers’ entitlements falls on a Wednesday, four clear days after the election must’ve held.

Now, some discerning Ekitis are viewing this as a clever political move by the governor to obtain first the people’s votes for his deputy and then move to his next plans which they argue may not be in the workers’ interest.

In his appeal to the workers on Monday, the governor pleaded that they make sure they voted for Professor Olusola Eleka in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Ekiti State.

He said: “Forgive me, your 8 months salaries will be ready before end of the July.”

“I’m promising the workers that I will not leave the state in debt, I will pay you all the salary arrears before the end of my administration.”

“Your interest would be my priority until my last day in office; I would not leave the state as a debtor governor in Ekiti.”

“Professor Olusola Eleka, is the man

Gov. Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State, promises to pay workers after electing his deputy as governor

to be Governor of Ekiti, the man (I want) to take over from me.”


-Biodun Fariogun