REV. OMOTOSHO’S ARREST: Accusers Allegedly Flee, Church Reacts




The Rev. Tim Omotosho-led  South Africa based  Jesus Dominion International church  has risen in defense of its founder,  following his ongoing trial over sex related allegation,  describing his travail as part of  South Africans  grand design against the Church and successful  Nigerians resident in the country.

Speaking exclusively over the unfolding issue, Pastor Walter Shosanya of Jesus Dominion International, Durban, South Africa said, allegations made against the Senior Pastor have fallen flat in the faces of his accusers because it’s been difficult for them to defend.


Describing the Pastor’s ordeal as ” another spiritual xenophobic attack on Nigerian Pastors” Shosanya said Omotoso is surrounded by haters among South African pastors, who are jealous of the way God is manifesting himself through him with the power of God, wisdom, love, truth and grace, besides his detailed sense of the revelation of the word of God which he described as amazing.


In what could be described as a pointer to the hatred assertion, Shosanya said  a South African Journalist, Ziyanda Ngubane was on  23rd April tracked down  after posting on Facebook, how he and 6 Pastors plotted the case against Rev Omotosho, this  he  said,  accounts for why all allegations concocted against the preacher lacked proof.

“The man of God, on Friday (21st April 2017) was invited to Port Elizabeth for a private meeting with the South African Police Service to hear his part of the allegation made against him by some unidentified girls in his ministry, which till now could still not identify themselves as they have been nowhere  to be found to prove  their allegations against the man of God”

Prior to this, Shosanya explained that “on Monday (17th April 2017) a video clip was shown on South African Broadcasting Cooperation (SABC1) Special Assignment; which claimed to be exposing the involvement of the man of God with young girls in his room asking them to touch his manhood while it was also claimed he slept with them in his room.

“The  question now is this, where are the members of the man of God’s family when he was doing all this ,  does he not live with his family anymore as this was confirmed that the man of God lives with his family?. Moreso, when, as the accuser also said in the video, that because ‘I saw him as father figure I could not disobey him’ .

“Meanwhile, in this same  video, the faces of the girl’s and the face of the Man who was impersonating the man of God were not shown and they claim they want to expose him, yet, someone could come up to say, the allegations have been changed from committing rape  to human trafficking.”

Further picking holes in the “arrangement”, Shosanya said the same video was replayed with some modifications on South African Broadcasting Cooperation (SABC 3) Thursday, (20th April 2017).

“The Thursday’s video was modified from the one of Monday which means the story are not the same. Until on Friday when the man of God was arrested after showing the clips without warrant of arrest, molested, humiliated and harassed, because he’s a Nigerian,  I couldnt  imagine  that the black South African’s got a lot of hatred for Nigerians in particular.”

Insisting  that Rev Omotosho is a victim of a grand set up, Pastor Shosanya wondered aloud over “how can a man rape 30 underage, not at the same time,  but  at different times and the victim’s did not report to the police for help but only  the media and there has been  no one proof after claiming that the man of God had  unprotected sex with them! This is a setup, who is fooling who? Shosanya exclaimed.

In his submission, ” All these girls were hired and paid exorbitantly to make the allegation of rape and human trafficking against him, but now that the police have asked the accusers to come and prove their cases  they all fled and could not appear before the police but claiming they are scared to come out, whereas they have been prominent in the media”.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Shosanya said the case is now between the police and Omotosho’s lawyer, as no accuser has turned up to defend the allegations, even as he said the case is expected to be heard on May 3rd for a bail application.


-The Rhema News