REPORTER’S DIARY: For Love Of Nature, I Gatecrashed Into Lovers’ Road Trip To Erin Ijesha Waterfall




*Lifestyle Editor, Adeniyi Ogunfowoke





erinnerin-ijesha-2 erin-ijesha-3 img_20160924_121026It was a Friday evening and I was walking home with a close female friend when she mentioned in passing that she was visiting Osun State on Saturday.


My mind asked the follow-up question rather than my tongue. She said her boyfriend wanted to take her on an all-expense paid trip to Erin Ijesha Waterfall in Osun State.


A beautiful countryside set I had heard and read so much about!


Well, I weighed the option of going with both of them on this trip because I do love exploring new destinations, especially when it is about nature.


I pleaded with my female friend to inform her boyfriend, John that I would love to go with them. Yes, John did agree tp my request but then, I had to sponsor myself.


Of course, I didn’t expect him to bankroll my trip!


We left Lagos for Ilesa (you cannot get a direct bus to Erin Ijesa) at about 11:05 am. The bus fare was N1,800. I paid for myself since I was traveling without my own bae. I actually resolved not to go on the trip alone with two lovers without mine. But in this case, I had no choice. So, we moved.


We got to Ilesa at about 2:30pm and we went straight to our hotel to drop our luggage and to freshen up.


Luckily for us, we had already booked Gold City Hotel on ‘Jumia Travel’. So, we had no worries how to pass the night.


Afterwards, we had another 40 minutes journey in a cab to Erin Ijesha.


Immediately we stepped out of the cab, I felt the warmth of the waterfall.


We decided to walk the bumpy road for a few minutes to the waterfall in order to experience the sight and sound of the host community. It was largely rural, serene, and quiet and bounded by rocks.


At the waterfall, we paid the N500 entry fee. Depending on what you want, you can navigate the waterfall on your own or pay a tour guide.


We found our way.


It was quite stressful because climbing the waterfall is not for the feeble-minded. It was worth it.


I felt the temperateness in my whole being as I gazed at the water cascading beautifully from the top. The sight of people playing in their swimsuits in the water with reckless abandon.


Later, I was woken from the trance by my lady friend who asked me if I would love to go into the water. With her lover, they were already cuddling in the water.


I just looked away so I wouldn’t look like a jealous stranger!


I was satisfied with the magnificence of the waterfall. When John and my friend were done, we attempted to move to the next step (the waterfall has 7 steps and very few people get to the 7th). We only managed to get to the second step at which point we were worn out, hungry and it was late.


We returned to Ilesa and had a delicious plate of eba and egusi soup at the African restaurant.


Subsequently, we left for our hotel.


At the end of it all, I felt fulfilled and thrilled to the extent that if given the chance, I will sit staring at the waterfall appreciating this nature’s gift to Nigeria.


Indeed, it was an exciting experience.