RELEASED! Primate Ayodele’s 2017/2018 ‘Warnings To The Nations’


The 2017/2018 edition of ‘Warnings To The Nations’, a yearly book of divine revelations published by popular servant of God, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, is out.

This new edition set to be released to the public on Monday, 4th of September, 2017, is already under review and is extraordinarily loaded with not just warnings of future happenings regarding the life of nations and individuals but also with messages of hope and future blessings for those who walk in obedience to God.

There have been prophets throughout every era of God’s relationship with mankind, and prophetic books were written from the days of Elijah.

Primate Ayodele is a true prophet called and equipped by God, empowered by the Holy Spirit to perform his job, to speak God’s message, confront people with their sins, warn of coming judgment and the consequences if people will not listen to, repent and obey God’s laws.

The world awaits the latest divine bombshells from Nigeria’s number one prophet.