Relationship Writer, AMARA BLESSING-NWOSU, Hubby’s Erotic Picture Rocks Internet



Falling in love is wonderful and when the feeling is mutual, it’s like heaven on earth. So, when it happens, we want to show this love to whoever cares.

This, perhaps, is the reason for portrayal to the public by celebrated writer, Amara Blessing-Nwosu and her caring husband, US-based Francis Van-Lare, their shared affection for one another.

Amara and her hubby had posted on their social media page a picture of them in a sensual pose that kept mouths watering in awe. In the rather salacious display, Francis was cupping his wife’s breasts to the face of the camera in their US home, while the dashing lady looked carried away in nuptial ecstasy.

However, while some people think that couples being too affectionate in public isn’t exactly the best way to express love, as, they argue, it shows a lack of general etiquette and, probably, insecurity, majority say it is tasteful, suggesting that when couples are in love, they are on Cloud-Nine and usually don’t care about anything or what anyone says.

“If it is to express feelings towards each other, why do they have to involve everyone else?” asked a lady in her mid-30’s who was responding to a question about this issue from this magazine.

For the record, Amara Blessing is one touching love story, as she tasted the sour side of love, for 14 years, according to her in a media interview in 2014.

A relationship expert, Amara, whose first marriage produced four children before it broke up, was, with her hubby, obviously, displaying her joyful experience in the newfound love.

“You don’t fault the lady!” snapped another observer, “she is happily married again and it’s obvious she is ready to make the best of the joy this second chance is offering her.

Amara and Francis are said to be the hottest couple in America right now.


-Folorunsho Hamsat and Michael Alonge