Relationship – Truths About Women That Men Learn Too Late


1. Women are attracted to confidence, not kindness. Being overly nice or showing too much interest in a woman will often backfire and lead to rejection.

2. Women biologically despise weakness in men. When you cry in front of a woman it triggers her brain to see you as an unfit leader for her and her offspring.

3. Women are hypergamous. This means a woman typically looks for a man who is physically stronger than her, earns more money, and has better leadership qualities.

4. Women test men to determine if they are worth committing to. Sadly, most guys aren’t even aware of these tests and frequently fail them because they don’t understand what’s going on.

5. Women don’t want equality in dating and relationships. Even when they earn more than you, they still expect you to pay the lion’s share of the bills.

6. Women can smell a fake nice guy from a mile away and often friend zone them while going out with a bad boy who displays masculine traits.

7. If you let a woman disrespect you once, you’ve opened the door for her to keep disrespecting you in  future.

8. Women have a disconcerting ability to rationalize their own bad behaviour and blame men for their problems. Understanding this can help men avoid being caught in manipulative or toxic relationships.