‘Real Naija Ladies Season 3’ Parades New Faces, New Drama

'Real Naija Ladies Season 3' Parades New Faces, New Drama


The new season of Real Naija Ladies of Dallas has kicked off.

The Sassy, Bougie and Nasty Naija squad is back for the most intense season ever on Friday, June 5th at 7/6c on YouTube. Get ready to reunite with old friends, meet new faces, and see if your favorites are still making you proud!

Season 3 will find Jennifer Mairo continuing to advance her career and bring more amazing women to the group but not without having conflict with almost everyone else. 
And she’s not the only one doing some major things these days, with Ms Nabou being a recent software engineering graduate but still at odds with DJ Sherry Shay who is having a baby, Nancy running her now successful fashion styling firm, Jeri now taking on new clients and having conflict with Jennifer over that, and Candice now friends with one of the new cast mates Chanel, who is dating Zleem, also new cast. Zaena returns with hot romance with Femi.
So many new names we are as overwhelmed as you are. No one is ready for what is about to happen! 

There is a trip to Nigeria where the ladies link up with Jennifer John a Nollywood actor and Ije Kimora who’s out there working on new music.  Jennifer breaks down about her sisters demise while Nony tries to convince the other ladies that Jennifer is not as good a person as she portrays herself to be. This causes major conflict between new cast Dr O.J and Nabou.

Jaden is a mentee and Rochelle a best friend. Former Miss Black Texas USA Joanne, Uthman of Perception Pictures and Quintin join as new Real Naija Ladies of Dallas cast members this season.

Just because these ladies look so sophisticated on Instagram and there are guys now as part of the cast doesn’t mean there won’t be any drama among these African millenials. Not only will there be some major couples spats but friendships will also be tested like never before.