Rape: It’s Time to Speak Up If You’re Abused

Sexual violence

Crowned Queen of Nollywood, Benue State Chapter and fast rising actress, Maria Jijingi has proved beyond doubts that her sojourn into the make-believe industry is indeed not a fluke.

This is because of her towering incursions since she hit the arena a few years ago. Suddenly, she has become one of the of all eyes on choice locations as she wows everybody with her dexterity and fluency at role interpretations, Just like she has waltzed her way into many homes as a shining star to watch.

But that is not all. The beautiful young actress has just inspired and played the lead role of a new movie just completed aptly entitled ‘’’Speak Up’’ [against rape] produced by Florence Okonkwo with Frank Ikegwuonu directing.

The hilarious but thought-provoking movie apparently coincides with Queen Mariah’s campaign against the monster called rape in the wake of its rampancy, especially during the Covid.19 Lockdown in 2020. She had gone the extra mile then and even called for the castration of its culprits.


‘’Speak Up’’ which will premiere at the imposing Nicon Luxury, Abuja on October 24, is a story about five ladies who had been sexually abused at some point in their lives but were afraid to speak up because of different factors until one of them mustered the courage to expose the culprit who had been abusing her over the years.

It is a worthwhile campaign, of course.