Ramadan: Former Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed Congratulates Muslims


As Muslims across the world   begin the 30day fasting following the sighting of the moon last week , former  Kwara state governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed   has urged   them to pray for peace, harmony and prosperity

Alhaji Ahmed  , who  congratulated Muslims for witnessing  this year’s holy month of Ramadan submitted that  fasting in the holy month  is a cardinal pillar of Islam.

‘It is a time for renewed purification, forgiveness and kindness towards others’ he said.

The former governor urged Muslims, residents and citizens of Kwara in particular, to move beyond the abstinence required by Ramadan and demonstrate gratitude to Allah by showing concern and extending kindness to the less privileged cognizant that this period was challenging for everyone last year.

Alhaji Ahmed , who is the Seriki Adini of Share land , also asked Muslims to pray for Nigeria to overcome her current challenges so that the country and its people can prosper in a safe and peaceful environment.