Prophet Iginla Sheds Tears over Lekki Protesters Shooting

Prophet Joshua Iginla

Popular Abuja cleric and Founder of Champions Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla has expressed his grief and sadness over the unfortunate killing of innocent protesters by military men at Lekki Toll gate Yesterday.



The clergy man who has always been on the side of the youths and the masses against tyranny in the society said he wept when he watched the gory incident that played out few hours ago.



Iginla, who posted this on his official social media handle said;

My heart is heavy, tears keep dropping from my eyes.


Oh lord save Nigeria, why? Why? Will innocent peaceful protesters, die in their fathers land?



It would be recalled that few days ago he sent a strong message to the Nigerian governemt when he said he supports the Youths.


I support end Sars, I support end senseless killing, I support the end of senseless extortion, End brutality from the police and armed sector of Nigeria.



Let the plant of the youth of our beloved country Nigeria, grow into a productive forest, stop cutting them off. Curtail the unnecessary killing and butchering, your guns and ammunition should be used as prevention and preservation not pollution.



For the youths are our Legacy, our pride, our fruitfulness and the leaders of tomorrow. I will lend my voice to justice, fairness and growth.



If the government takes care of the Youths they will take us to the promise land of productivity, milk and Honey.



My father was in the military and I understood, what it means to live in a dilapidated building and poor salary intake unable to take care of the family.



To ensure discipline and dedication, please let their take home salary be adequate to sustain their families, as they are representatives of our motherland. Reform the system.