Private Hospitals Not Allowed To Treat Coronavirus Patients In Kwara


Kwara state government  last week announced guidelines for the management and treatment of coronavirus patients in the state.

The state government through Mr. Kayode Alabi, who is the state Deputy Governor and Chairman Technical Committee on Covid-19, submitted that private hospitals are not allowed to treat coronavirus patients at least for now.

‘In the wake of a second wave of Covid-19 in Nigeria, Kwara State inclusive, it is mandatory to highlight some useful recommendations for public and private hospitals to curtail the spread.

  1. Assume every patient is a potential Covid-19 case. When in doubt, refer immediately to Covid-19/Infectious Disease Centre Sobi (Alagbado) Ilorin for assessment.
  2. Encourage early patient presentation and voluntary testing.
  3. Within the state capital, the sampling unit is located at Covid-19/Infectious Disease Centre Sobi (Alagbado) Ilorin, while dedicated sampling centres are located at headquarters of respective LGAs. Sampling runs from 9a.m.-5p.m. daily, weekends inclusive.
  4. Results are expected to be released from 24 hours after sampling.
  5. For negative results, appropriate management should be based on existing protocol.
  6. For positive results (i), if asymptomatic, please refer patients to Covid-19/Infectious Disease Centre Sobi (Alagbado) Ilorin for counseling, assessment, and treatment — after which patients should self-isolate in their respective homes for a period of 14 days from day of sampling.

Patients are encouraged to re-visit sampling centres for repeat testing after 14 days. (ii) If symptomatic, please refer immediately to Covid-19/Infectious Disease Centre Sobi (Alagbado), Ilorin, for further management.

  1. Please note that the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) is yet to accredit any private hospital in Kwara State as Covid-19 treatment centre. Therefore, private hospitals are not encouraged to treat suspected or confirmed positive cases.
  2. Ambulance services may not be available to convey suspected or unconfirmed Covid-19 cases to and from Covid-19/Infectious Disease Centre Sobi (Alagbado) Ilorin.
  3.  For further information please contact any of the call centre telephone numbers below at any time of the day ;  09062010001, 09062010002, 09010999937 and 09010999938’ he submitted.