Primate Ayodele Warns: Nigeria Will Break in 2035 If…



Thee Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has said Nigeria may not survive 2035.




Primate Elijah said if Nigeria continues with bad leadership and insecurity, the country may not survive 2035.




Speaking on Wednesday evening, the cleric noted that Nigerians and their leader needs to return to God to survive.




Ayodele warned that Nigeria would go through economic hardship and buy petrol at the rate of N200 per litre.




He urged Nigerians to pick a reliable, serious and focused God-fearing candidate to be the next president in 2023.




Primate Ayodele said, “A lot of things need to be considered in picking the next president, we need a serious person, a reliable person, a young focused God-fearing someone who knows the terrain of this country.




“We need someone who has suffered and enjoyed, who understands religious practices, who love people who understand the economic situation of the country, who sees himself as a father of the country, somebody who knows what it means to look after his family, somebody who has the stamina and who is courageous, who humbles himself because most of our leaders when they get to that throne they become another person.




“So these are what Nigerians should look out for, somebody who will say a word and stand by it because we are still going to suffer economic crisis and buy petrol at N200 per litre and mind you, Nigeria’s oil will still dry in the next 12 to 15 years and the prices of things will still be skyrocketing.




“Education will drop, people will not be able to go to school because of all these issues that are arising. We only need to consult God, who will lead us on because we are clamouring for change. Like in the Bible, God used Saul to teach them a lesson of their lives, so God has used Buhari to teach Nigerians that whenever you desist from calling ‘my name, this is what will happen.’ Just like the issue of COVID-19, COVID-19 was a mysterious disease to deal with world leaders who have refused to humble themselves before God.




“That is what we are seeing; COVID-19 has made everybody humble before God. Nigerians need to humble themselves before God because we have not started anything yet. If you now take it the wrong way, then you will see what will happen. If things keep happening this way, Nigeria will not survive 2035.”