Popular Celestial Prophet, Michael Olusoji Fabiyi, Speaks to The Nation

Popular Celestial Prophet, Michael Olusoji Fabiyi, Speaks to The Nation



*Sees murder of two top Nigerian pastors, top politicians; warns Buhari, Tinubu against 2023

Prophet Fabiyi Okiki Imole

+How I Received Christ


Prophet Michael Olusoji Fabiyi, the shepherd in charge of the Celestial Church of Christ, Okiki Imoleayo Cathedral, Ikorodu, Lagos, spoke to the Editor, FOLORUNSHO HAMSAT, recently on the circumstances of his journey through Christianity; his trials and eventual triumphs in life. A prophet of note, the Obaraja, Ado-Odo local government, Ogun State born servant of God is also unique for being a channel for the growth of faith and evangelism in the CCC fold.




Let us into your journey to Christendom.

I’m Prophet Michael Olusoji from Obaraja in Ado-Odo local government area in Ogun State. I can’t say when and how particularly I got into the mission because only God knows how. My parents are Christians. It happened that when they had their first and second children they lost them. When my mother was carrying my pregnancy, a prophet of God told them that the child in my mother’s womb would be a servant of God. He told them that when the child was born he should not live with them. He said the baby would die if he was allowed to live with them. The revelation left them emotional because they had no other child. Besides, they had challenges raising me as I would always fall into coma; what the Yoruba call ‘abiku’. I gave them a lot of troubles. In the process, I developed pile and my clothes would regularly be soaked with blood. Because of this, they kept changing clothes for me and praying that I also didn’t die. As in the local practice, my parents were told to burn one of my legs in fire so I would not die. They did and I’m still having the scar in my leg. The falling into coma continued until they took me out of their place.


I was then taken to live with an uncle who was into cabinet making at Adeyemi Street, Oshodi in 1979. This man had no formal education but my father went to school. So, I had hoped to continue with my schooling at the uncle’s place but instead he was using me for his job. In between, I was going to school but it wasn’t regular. I stayed with him until 1985 when I returned to my father to continue my schooling. But I must confess, I was not enjoying the school because I wasn’t that bright. I was born into the Cherubim & Seraphim fold and by the time I returned to live with my parents, my mother had joined the Celestial church. I later joined them at CCC at Ado-Odo. I really wasn’t comfortable worshipping at Celestial, so, I refused to wear their white attire. One day, I wore a blue cloth that belonged to my father to the church and a man called Mr Olowe spotted me and chased me out of the church. So, I decided never to attend CCC. Later, I was persuaded to return and I did return. I stayed with them for about six months from 1986. But my father did not want me to abandon my education for church. One day, he just asked me to leave his house, saying that he wanted me to go to school not church. He said I went to church because I was lazy. I met a prophet after I left my father’s house who said God told him that I should go eastward where my blessing was. I went to Agbara area in Lagos and came back soon. The prophet again warned me to return east. Later, one of my brothers took me to a church in Meiran at Omologede area in Lagos. It was a new church. I would work without pay. Whenever I ran broke, I would wander around to do casual labour to feed. Before I got to the church, God had been showing me signs and wonders and this helped my staying at that church because it assisted the man who led the church too in his mission and the church was growing. But there was no money. I would use the little money I got from casual jobs to feed and fetch water for drinking and washing of clothes.


One day I had a prayer at midnight and the next morning my father came to where I was. He said I should reconsider my choice of living. He said I was only being lazy as I was too young to be called for apostolic mission. Then I started experimenting with cabinet making from the little knowledge I had at my uncle’s workshop. I started attracting customers and I made some money from it. But I didn’t stop growing in spiritual mission. Most times I wouldn’t realize I had even delivered a message until people told me. So I dropped the cabinet making and faced the evangelistic mission squarely with the man. I left him later to come to where my own ministry is at the moment.


The first breakthrough I had in the mission came through a lady who worked at the airport. Although, God uses me to bless people through visions, I don’t ask to be paid. So, when this lady was brought to me, I gave her the message only but those who brought her insisted I must tell her my price. I refused to do that. Later, I discovered that she came with N200, 000. The message I gave her cost only N700 and I told her. The lady didn’t take me serious because she felt the money was too small and she said she didn’t think God was ready to solve her problem through me. I then realized that the lady was brought to me because she had spent so much for a particular pastor without solution. When the lady was leaving in anger, the man who brought her to me insisted I must give her a higher price. I then asked her to bring N20,000. She paid. Four days later, even before I was finished with her first job, she brought another job and I asked her to pay N14,000 since she wouldn’t believe me if I asked her for little money. The whole money, I must confess, was a surprise to me because that was ever my first time of collecting such huge amount from anyone.


It was in the process of doing the lady’s job that another person came and said he was ready to buy me land at Ayobo area of Ipaja, Lagos. Before this second person came, I was experiencing a serious financial challenge. I could not pay my rent. So I went into prayer for seven days without seeing the sky. It was during this prayer that the man came. The place was bushy so I told the person that apart from being bushy the place was also too far to the city. During this process, another person said he was giving me a land at Lambe in Ogun State. I was given another land at Salolo but it was a half plot. So I rejected it because it was too small for the kind of ministry I anticipated. Eventually, I was given this place at Ikola area. It was not easy even when we got here. I had to start farming on the land before we could feed. I also had to personally construct the first church shelter here due to the knowledge I have about carpentry. The first building was made of bamboo. Later people started supporting us and we raised the brick structure. It was after this that God started sending help to us.


Tell us about your gift of prophecy.

What I have realized is that when I tell people something, it would come to pass. And it is people themselves that would come and tell me that what I said then has started happening because I would have even forgotten about it. At church services and other events, God speaks through me and they come to pass. I also documented some of my fulfilled past prophecies during the Babangida and Abacha years. That shows that God has been using me to touch people and governments for a long time. There was no handset or social media at that time. It is my people that would write the prophecies down as I spoke. Later they would come to me and say what I said the last time had come to pass. As a matter of fact, it was then that I realized I had to start documenting my prophetic messages. Ever since, I had been putting the messages in books.



What new messages have you for the nation?

God has revealed to me that there will be more exposure of frauds in high places including high profile arrests. I see a supreme head of the Celestial church dying. I also see progress in the Celestial Church reunion process. Let us pray for President Muhammadu Buhari to finish his second term. God says Bola Tinubu will not be president of Nigeria. I do not see him living too long from now. If he lives up to 2023 and participate in the presidential process, he would not be president. I see 2025 as the year Nigeria may break up except God intervenes. In the forthcoming Ondo and Edo State governorship elections, I see that the true winners would not be allowed to govern.



Are these your recent prophecies?

No. These prophecies were delivered at the end of last year, precisely during our annual December 31 divine messages.



How do you regularly appreciate God for the miracle of your journey in life?

There is no other way to appreciate God than giving out blessings to the people as one is also blessed. At Okiki Imole Parish, we do regular empowerment programmes where we give out cash and food items to our members. We care for widows, widowers, vulnerable children and indigent students who need assistance.



Has there been any major miracle and healing in this ministry?

God is God of miracles. He does miracles through his anointed. We do pray for people and God blesses the prayer and people get healed. There was a recent example. God used our parish to bring back to life a woman who had been pronounced dead. It was amazing. Also, many stroke victims had been healed while barrens had been blessed and people looking to be employed were blessed too and He is still doing wonders.



What more messages do you have for the year?

This year is a good year but the evil deeds are more than good deeds. We should pray that evil deeds do not overcome good deeds because there is punishment for people with good and evil deeds in 2020.

Also, 2020 is a year of great inflation but God will manifest.

The government will have great inflow of money this year because more money will be collected from those who embezzled, though at the end of it, nothing will happen. I see contraband entering Nigeria through the borders due to carelessness but the government will bring the perpetrators to justice. Eminent politicians, musicians and indigenous people should be prayerful this year because lots of lives will be lost. The government should be watchful over food importation because some foods will be imported into Nigeria that will claim lots of people’s lives. Some politicians will die this year, not one, not two, by natural deaths, while some will be murdered. I see road accidents due to negligence. Diseases that have gone into extinction will appear again, let’s be careful and be prayerful. Primary school owners should be prayerful this year because many of them will be depressed. Business owners too should be prayerful for profits.



Do you have messages for fellow men of God too?

The secret of some ministers of God that tell lie to acquire wealth and those that murder people to have riches or to have more members in their ministries or those who do fake miracles to deceive people, will be exposed before the end of this year. I see prestigious men of God’s lives been taken suddenly. I see the death of two ministers of God which will shake the nation because it is not going to be natural deaths. Ministers of God should be mindful of downfall true love of women. I see evil spirits using women to bring downfall to men of God and it will be consistent. In Celestial Church, I see hypocrisies and controversies rocking the fold which will be resolved. The Celestial Church of Christ must be in love of the blessing and joy provided for us in 2020. I see unemployment in the country but only those who cast their trust in God will be saved. There will be storms this year that will destroy properties. Let us be prayerful. I see the death of some Celestial Church’s supreme heads. Let us be prayerful.




Do you see reduction in insecurity facing the country?

I see lots of money rituals still happening; people will be kidnapped more but they shall be caught with their godfathers. I see series of fire outbreaks. We should be very careful and be cautious of fire or electricity. Terrorists will continue to waste people’s lives for no reason. Those using policemen, soldiers and other armed forces uniforms to steal and kidnap and take people’s lives will be in the increase but they shall be exposed. In northern Nigeria, I see some terrorists being exposed but other terrorist attacks being invoked and claiming lives of people.



What do you see about the future of political parties in Nigeria?

In the midst of APC leaders, I see terrific events which will evoke controversies from the top to the grassroots through the year 2021. This will come with more political violence and lots of politicians losing their lives in the process. But God will take control later so Nigeria can have peace. I see all the good works being achieved by APC shattered by them and I see series of distractions all about. Let’s be prayerful for PDP against any course to political violence that will make the party’s efforts being forfeited.