Peace Returns To Actors’ Guild, As Past Presidents Back Emeka Rollas

It was another milestone for the government of national unity led by Mr. Ejezie Emeka Ejezie Rollas when past presidents of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) collectively endorsed and pledged their support to his administration.
Held at Lounge In Surulere, Lagos, the epoch-making event which took place on Thursday May 3, 2018 witnessed the presence of the first president of the guild, Mr. Larry Williams, his successor, Zack Orji, Emma Ogugua, Ejike Asiegbu and Segun Arinze. It was gathered that one of the past President, Ibinabo Fiberesima was contacted but she couldn’t make it.
Thanking the past presidents for honouring the invitation, the national president, Mr. Ejezie Emeka Rollas took time to brief them about the giant strides so far achieved and the vision for the guild. He also explained what transpired in Enugu that brought about his government.
As expected they took turns to express themselves and promised to assist his administration in whatever capacity that is needed.
Veteran thespian Mr. Larry Williams opened the floor with few words. He said: “I appreciate Mr. President’s move. You are doing well.”
AGN past presidents in a group photo with the incumbent, Emeka Rollas (3rd from right)

Ogugua who is passionate about the progress of the guild added; “Meeting like this show a lot of unity. We are happy that you are bringing us to advise you to achieve more. We have grown to a point where we cannot be crushed down again. All the struggles and fight is for the progress of the guild. We struggle to see progress come in. I attended the rebranding and I liked what I saw. Nobody has monopoly of knowledge. I will advise you to reach out. The biggest joy close to growth is peace. War has never done anybody any good. We need to work with you. Make sure the guild is not ran down. Any ex president at any point in time hear something, put a call through to Mr. President and hear from him. Our industry is full of rumour.”

From his mien, speech and action, Ejike Asiegbu popularly known as ‘Rabbi’ or the ‘godfather’ indeed displayed excitement at the move of Mr. President to gather them together to move the guild forward. He said: “I thank the president for calling the meeting now it couldn’t have been a better time than now. Most importantly, we need to reach out. We need activities. We have had so many losses. We are tired. We fought DSTV When Kate Henshaw was sacked for daring to ask questions. By right every actor must have a contract form. Every actor must have a personal lawyer. Let us try to be firm, try to reach out and instil discipline.. Even though your time is short, you have to take the bull by the horn.
Mo Abudu who never believed in this industry has now benefitted immensely from the industry. A lot of them don’t treat our actors well. We are praying for you.”
Cerebral actor, Segun Arinze who moderated the meeting obviously knew the capacity of Rollas in terms of accomplishment further added his voice thus; “ I have known Emeka for a long time. We have worked together. We have seen it all. Continue with your philosophy. Actors need to stop suffering, stop begging. You need every actor on board. On the issue of Ibinabo and Emeka Ike, we don’t need the fight. We are all growing.  We are happy about the insurance policy. I wish all the best.”
Gentleman actor, Zack Orji who recently returned from Kigali, Rwanda where he was given a lifetime achievement award harped on the need to instil discipline and organise master classes as he also wished Rollas well in endeavour.
Also at the meeting were Babatope Arewo, Vice President, South West; Frank Dallas, National Public Relations Officer; St. Maradona, Treasurer; Ifeoma Okeke, Chief Of Staff to Mr. President; Emeka Rising, Chief Security Officer to Mr. President; Sam Anokam, Special Assistant On Print Media and Ben NJoku, Vanguard newspaper.