Ovacom Media: Victoria Adigun’s 12 Years of Building Brands and Relationships Across Multiple Sectors

Ovacom Media: Victoria Adigun's 12 Years of Building Brands and Relationships Across Multiple Sectors



Founded 12 years ago, Ovacom Media owned by frontline PR expert, Victoria Adigun. The forward-thinking company has evolved into one of America’s leading independent PR firms. With roots in technology and innovation, Ovacom is in a league of its own in integrated public relations, marketing, and events consultancy.




Ovacom, which detailed information can be obtained at www.ovacomconsulting.com. IG : @ovacommedia @ovacomxperience @ovacomevents @ovacomconcept, has clients ranging from start-ups to blue chip brands.



Known for its professionalism and integrity, the agency’s history of excellence and commitment to client services and enthusiasm sets it miles apart.
Ovacom Media has grown in leaps and bounds with clients from across the world in the entertainment, lifestyle and corporate sectors. With an array of services added to their offering including Ovacom Events, Ovacom Experience(Blog and TV), Ovacom Concept and Ovacom Consulting.




Highlight of the 12 years anniversary celebration include Ovacom Media team philanthropic visit to Erelu Adebayo Children’s Home, in Iyin Ekiti, Ekiti state in Nigeria. Also, the company sponsored a select few for a month-old intensive make-up training, while the company’s friends and supporters were also rewarded for their loyalty.

Ovacom Media’s boss, Victoria Adigun