Osun Lawmakers Battle Speaker For Money



The legislative arm of government in Osun State has enjoyed the status of being one with a rancour free record and the house has always showed readiness to partner with the government in respect of efforts aimed at developing the state.

aregbesolaAn insider, however, confided in Global Excellence that it is a case of the proverbial masquerade who when he farts must happily show he does not find the offensive odour unbearable. ‘The members of the legislative arm in the state of Osun are grumbling and it is simply because they are afraid of being reprimanded by the party leaders; that is why they have tolerated how the Speaker runs the house.

The largesse isn’t forthcoming and there are numerous needs to be attended to from constituents and others, and those things can come when oversight function is carried out, a gift of N10 million each came recently but it wasn’t enough to address the demands that had become gargantuan’, disclosed a source.


-Biodun Fariogun