Osahon Okunbo: Rising Profile of A Nigerian Business Leader Honoured in New York

Osahon Okunbo: Rising Profile of A Nigerian Business Leader Honoured in New York

Osahon Okunbo

Osahon Okunbo, a prominent figure in Nigerian international business, continues to ascend the ranks of high society. He recently received recognition in New York, USA, during an official tour that included a meeting with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, organized by Senator Asuquo Ekpenyong.

This exclusive gathering, attended by influential individuals from both Nigeria and abroad, particularly members of the Nigerian diaspora, acknowledged Osahon Okunbo. With over 15 years of board and management experience in various Nigerian industries, including oil and gas services, facilities engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), and project management, Okunbo was recognized for his substantial contributions to his constituency and Nigeria as a whole.

“I felt honored to be part of this gathering, and I am determined to do more for my country and beyond,” said the philanthropist, renowned for his global generosity and support for people in need. He radiated joy as he received acknowledgment from Nigeria’s President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who praised him for his diligent efforts in boosting the country’s economy.

“It brings me immense joy and fulfillment to sit at the same table as eminent personalities,” Okunbo continued, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to philanthropy. “Giving back to society has always been a calling for me, and I have no intention of slowing down.”

In addition to his involvement in the oil and gas sector, Okunbo holds leadership positions in non-oil industries, such as hospitality, agriculture, and aviation. He serves as an executive and non-executive director in various companies that provide employment opportunities for over 6,000 Nigerians.

It’s worth noting that Okunbo has made substantial contributions to empower Nigerian youth, and he remains dedicated to his philanthropic mission. “Government alone cannot address all the challenges we face. Individuals must step in to support the government’s efforts. I’m doing my best, and I believe the best is yet to come. I want to empower the youth to achieve greatness and avoid becoming a burden to society.”

Throughout his career, Okunbo has successfully overseen projects and contracts valued at over $4 billion, including complex transactions within the oil and gas service sector. He has collaborated closely with both public and private entities, including NEPL and NNPC, demonstrating his expertise in project execution within Nigeria’s oil and gas industry.

“I’ve had the privilege of working in various private and public sectors, which reflects my commitment to the country’s development, especially in the oil sector. However, I attribute my success not only to my efforts but also to divine intervention.”

Okunbo’s expertise extends beyond the oil sector to the upstream segment, where he plays a significant role as a shareholder in the team developing the Egbolom field (PPL 202), the largest marginal field in the 2020 marginal field bid round. His remarkable track record in the Niger Delta region has earned him respect from both industry stakeholders and local communities.

He serves as a Director and Manager at Pipeline Infrastructure Nigeria Ltd, Delta Pacific Maritime Ltd, Genesis Hydrocarbons Nigeria Ltd (a shareholder of Ingentia Energies Limited – operator of Egbolom), Ocean Marine Securities Ltd, CMES-OMS Joint Venture Ltd, and COPDC Nigeria Ltd.