Oritsefemi, Wife Spotted at #EndSARS Protest *singer says youths want policing with human face

Oritsefemi, Wife Spotted at #EndSARS Protest *singer says youths want policing with human face


Few days after reconciling with his wife, Nabila Fash, Nigerian stay artiste, Oritsefemi attended the #EndSARS protest in Lagos.


Fash was reported to have moved out of their matrimonial home few weeks ago following a disagreement with the music star.


The music star took to his Instagram page on Sunday, October 18, 2020, where he shared a photo of himself and Fash at one of the #EndSars protest grounds.


Freedom Movement with my cR #endpolicebrutality #endsarsnow,” Oritsefemi captioned the photo.

Reiterating his support for the #EndSARS protests currently going on in different parts of the country, the Oritsefemi had this to say;

“The people don’t want the Special Anti-Robbery Squad and they don’t welcome the Special Weapons and Tactics team either.


All they want is proper training and compensation for police officers because they are human beings too.


It is said that bad eggs in the police brutalise the same citizens they are supposed to protect. This is the only country we have and we are fighting to make it better.”


He continued;

“The youths want freedom instead of harassment.


They know their rights but those rights are not respected in Nigeria.


It is not every young person that is an Internet fraudster.


Youths are not saying they do not want police in Nigeria because that is impossible.


But, they want a police force that does the right things.


Why do police officers have to go around with Point of Service machines to extort people?


That is robbery.


The country’s security system needs to be taken to the next level.


The police needs to go digital and use more technology for their operations.


That is what obtains in developed countries.


With the way they profile those who have tattoos and wear dreadlocks, smart criminals would not appear that way so that they can avoid the police.”