Oriade Kingdom Monarch Speaks on 2nd Anniversary, Development Plans

HRM Oba Fasesin

Oba Olalekan Anthony Fasesin is the Aladeokin of Oriade. The Oriade Kingdom. He ascended the throne of his forebears two years ago. Two years after, the Oriade town of Ice kingdom is still basking in the euphoria of the development and the anticipated influence the well-read king will bring to the town of Oriade. In this interview with MURPHY AJIBADE ALABI, the monarch speaks more about himself, the town, the plans for the second year anniversary and lots more. Excerpts…



Introduced yourself sir?

I am HRM Oba Olalekan A. Faseesin, the Aladeokin of Oriade




What’s has been your joy and challenges since you ascended the throne?

The joy of any royal father is the acceptance by his people. I have enjoyed the love, acceptance and support of my people of Oriade. My people had longed for a king who will bring all together and interface with the relevant authorities to bring speedy development to area. When I ascended the throne, their morale was boosted as they have confidence that there will be peace and accelerated development in Oriade and that is why I am on grounds to fast track all that. I equally have friends who love Oriade and share in my vision to make Oriade a place to be.

Even before I came in, I did an assessment because of my vision for Oriade. This gave me a clear understanding of what was lacking in my community. We had to do some priority settings because for a developing town like Oriade, basic infrastructure for growth is paramount. Healthcare, conducive studying environment for children, portable water, accessible roads, electricity; connection to the national grid, all are of utmost importance and urgency.



What are your developmental plans for this great town?

My people are big time cocoa merchants and in this day of mechanized farming and use of value-adding farm implements, the availability of electricity cannot be over emphasized. We also need to pay attention to the schools within and ensure the children study in an environment that is conducive. Strategies for implementing all of these are already being worked out.



What are the projects you have going already?

Currently, a project to provide portable water is at the contracting stage. Solar street lights will also be installed before the second anniversary celebration. There are many more at the planning stages and efforts are on to deliver them as soon as possible.



It will be two years this month since you ascended this kingship. What are the plans for the anniversary celebration?

Yes, we have a weeklong programme for that. It will commence on Monday, 22nd of November, 2021 with the empowerment of Oriade Kingdom. We will take the crown round the Oriade and its environs. Tuesday 23rd will be the day for empowerment and medical checkup. There wouldn’t be any activities on Wednesday but on Thursday the 25th of November, it will be time for sports with a football match. Then, Friday 26th November will be time for Muslim prayers. Saturday, 27th will be the climax of it all with entertainment of the guests at Joy2Joy Events Centre opposite Ife City College. That Saturday also at the same venue, we will be having our fundraiser programme of N100million for the development of Oriade Kingdom. Then on Sunday 27th, it will be time for Thanksgiving. Thank you.