OPINION: May Your Mothers Not Destroy You *by Evang. ‘Lolu Okeowo

OPINION: May Your Mothers Not Destroy You *by Evang. 'Lolu Okeowo


Girls…girls…girls, believe me if you start fixing nails and eyelashes while still in secondary school not only are you likely to end up with a plastic brain and a yoyo in the stupid, bad devil’s hands you’re likely to end up sleeping with men to buy hair that’s not even yours and keep up with latest trends and you will be used by them, spat out like gall and end up on the lower rung of life! I’m sorry to say!




Why would a girl still in high school who doesn’t have an idea of the kind of crazy world we are where just one wrong emotion or step could totally redirect the entire course of a glorious destiny to doom feel she’s ripe enough to fix false eyelashes if not to get male attention and why should she be desperate for such and have the guts to wear it to school- a federal government owned school for that matter when she should be concentrating on her studies? May I ask, who breeds such a child?


Girls…girls…girls, if you run after guys in your teens when you should be laying a solid foundation for your life academically, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically etc. get ready to be trampled by them in future!


If your mother doesn’t inculcate moral values in you and teach you life skills in your impressionable years and very delicate teens instead of artificial beauty, life would finish you! Not a curse!


Mothers…mothers…mothers…your daughter is an embodiment of who you really are! your spirit motivates and controls your daughter’s life except in rare cases!


May your shadow not make you cry in Jesus name! I love you all!

Evangelist Temilolu Okeowo