Onipokia of Ipokia, Oba Yisa Olaniyan, Tasks Politicians on Good Governance, Transparency

Onipokia of Ipokia, Oba Yisa Olaniyan, Tasks Politicians on Good Governance, Transparency


The Onipokia of Ipokia Kingdom, HRM Oba Yisa Adeniyi Olusola Olaniyan, has spoken on the unfortunate events in Nigeria, within the last few weeks.


Below are excerpts of the revered monarch’s submission in regards to the #EndSars protests and its outcome.

Oba Yisa Olaniyan, the Onipokia of Ipokia

After President Buhari’s speech, we have heard different reactions from different quarters, some in support and some against his speech. Those against the speech complained of lack of sympathy for those who lost loved ones and not enough appeal & empathy to the youth and much more about what the government had done and still planning to do.


My take is on the speech is it’s a little bit of both, but there is still chance for the state & federal government to balance it on both sides, so as to calm the situation down completely and give hope to the legitimate protesters in response to their requests are, which the government has started working on already.


On the part of the youths, there is a clear difference between peaceful protests and vandalism, hooliganism and breakdown of law and order, which was what happened after a few days of decent & peaceful protests. When they turned to burning, looting and stealing of government and private properties especially attacking Obas palace, that’s complete anarchy and disorder and government have to step up and take charge, we thank God normalcy has continued to return gradually.


Destroying our infrastructures all in the name of protests is unreasonable and irresponsible and anyone found culpable should be severely punished because this is undermining the efforts of those who have legitimate reasons for protesting.


Our government on the flip-side should take its citizens complaints seriously, I lived in the US for 22yrs before becoming an Oba, and there’s a clear difference on how we govern here in our country compare to the western countries. It’s a known fact Nigeria runs the most expensive democracy in the world.
Our politicians need to show more compassion to their fellow countrymen, it’s an under statement to say there is hunger in the land, highest level of unemployment you cant ever think of, no light, bad roads everywhere, and in some states like ours, you see pure inequalities & negligence of sins section playing out with impunity, very unfair.


All these conditions needed to be considered by our leaders so as to continue to avoid the event of the previous weeks of civil unrest and to maintain peace and order in our country. Reoccurrence of such could be more disastrous than what we just witnessed because there’s frustration in the land.”