Okotie Hosts Sanwoolu At ‘Grace 2018’ Glamour Nite

Mr. Babajide Sanwoolu (left) in handshake with Rev. Okotie

Lagos State APC Governorship candidate, Babajide Sanwo-Olu was the special Guest of Honour at the GRACE Programme of the Household of God, Church, Oregun, on Sunday December 16, 2018.

His presence created a huge buzz inside the ultramodern auditorium as he quietly walked down the aisle with just two aides. He was met by the host and visioner of the GRACE programme, flamboyant Rev. Chris Okotie, who never fails to impress as a style icon, platform orator, singer/performer and Bible expositor.


On the special night, Okotie totally ignored his political ambitions and concentrated on the proceedings which included donations to four charities and giving the late Reginald Akpofure, first Nigerian Principal of the iconic Kings College, the posthumours Karis award 2018. The most exciting highlight of GRACE is usually the Queen Esther costume pageant, given to the contestant whose costume best portrayed a female Bible character. This year’s contest was won by Ruth Michael, who beat 15 others to the coveted crown.


With all of these on the cards, Sanwo-Olu looked an undercard, but the slim, charismatic politician stunned the audience when he mounted the podium. Not only did he proved to be a consummate political tactician, his brief, on-point remarks covered all highlights of the GRACE night, from the glamourous auditorium, breathtaking Christmas trees, high profile guests in attendance and the various dimensions of Rev. Okotie’s ministry and giftings Sanwo-Olu mentioned them all in accessible, yet impeccable English.


The fact that he sat through the programme showed how patient he is. Sanwo-Olu urged the people of Lagos State to speak truth to power and challenge their leaders to always deliver on good governance. His pleasant personality attracted scores of admirers who sought and got his attention for few minutes of whispering discussions and backslappings. While he did his best to avoid campaigning openly, he cleverly sold himself to the audience without offending protocols.