Ogun ANRP Guber Candidate, Adewale Omoniyi, Reels Out Mission Statement


Adewale Omoniyi is the Ogun State governorship candidate of Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP). hiswale Omoniyi, in Ijebu-Ife,  Ijebu East local government area of the state, during the official unveiling of his running mate, Alhaja Adenokun Risikat Olusesan , the ANRP guber candidate declared his administration will take all unemployed youths off the streets, within 100 days, if elected governor in 2019.  He equally declared that within the time frame, all the health centres in the state will not only be upgraded and equipped, indigenes of the state will start to enjoy free healthcare delivery.

Ominiyi, who said empowerment of youths and women would be the fulcrum of his administration, disclosed that jobless youth will be engaged through what he termed “youth engagement programme”.
He was a Special Assistant to former Ogun Deputy Governor, Alhaja Salmot Badru, during Otunba Gbenga Daniel’s Administration. The Yewa born who left the shores of Nigeria to the Uk afterwards has made his intention known that he will be contesting Ogun governorship come 2019. The Yewa born politician who has been making consultations for a while now has also started an online campaign, which is reaching out to a mattered audience. 
In this interview with AKIN ALADE, Omoniyi

Adewale Omoniyi                                              said, among other things, that his mission and vision as the next governor of Ogun State is to make a difference in the lives of every citizen of Ogun State by growing the state’s economy, making Ogun State more accessible, protect the most vulnerable and restore faith and trust in government and create wide range of opportunities through effective and efficient people-oriented. Excerpts…

Why do you want to become the next governor of Ogun State?
I want to become the next Governor because Ogun State is desperately in need of someone who has a better understanding of the problems that are being faced on daily basis by our people. Someone that knows the solutions to those problem and know how to to proffer solutions to the problems. And with my experience, exposure and my educational background I am sure I’ve got all what it takes to take Ogun State to the next level.

How do you intend to archive this vision of yours, considering the fact that you don’t live in Nigeria?
First I like to correct the notion that I don’t live in Nigeria, I had my primary, secondary and university education in Nigeria. I travelled abroad to acquire more knowledge and today I am confident that I now well equipped both morally and intellectually to bring dividend of democracy to our people. Our vision is to impact the lives of every citizen and residents of Ogun State and the only way we can achieve that is to put in place a data driven government. For proper planning, accountability and improvement of lives of our citizens, we much have basic information about them.  With better information, we would be able to put in place better policies.

What makes you different from all other candidates and why do you think you are the man to beat in the election?
For the first time in the history of Ogun State and even in Nigeria,
We are doing something that has never been done before, first we don’t have God Fathers, and we are running a cost effective but very effective campaign. Our manifesto of service is totally different from the normal copy and paste manifesto people are used to. We have a team of people with good track record, and a party that is focused and determined to better the lives of our people.

Why did you join ANRP and not other popular parties?
I joined ANRP because it’s the only party that share the same ideas and us. It’s the only party that Is computer based and totally opposed applying blanket solution to problems, the party is crowdfunded and completely devoid of God fatherism. A party comprises of generation of Nigerians that has risen to genuinely build and abundant Nigeria.

What are your plans to move the state forward?
We have what we called the O G U N strategy. “O” to Organise, “G” to Grow, “U” to Unite and last but not the least “N” to Network Ogun State. This strategy will not only rebuild Ogun State but also make it a state of our dreams.

What are your plans for the youth?
Within our first 100 day’s in Office, we plan to employ 250,000 youths through our youth engagement programme. We are going to Chanel our energy on the youth as they are the engine room of our economy. We will restore hope in our youth.
And also give them sense of belonging. Our youth engagement programme is into three major parts. The Internship, Apprenticeship and Entrepreneurship.

Why did you choose Alhaja Adenokun as your running mate? 
Alhaja Adenokun’s experience as a retired teacher and successful farmer, would come handy in the implementation of ANRP’s programmes in education, particularly, teachers welfare and agriculture. She is also  the former  chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the immediate chairman of Consultative Advisory Committee (CAC) in Ijebu East local government, and she has the political connection to ensure victory for ANRP in the state at the next year’s poll. I have confidence that my party will win the governorship election in Ogun come 2019. But i urged party members not to trade their Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) for any amount of money, noting the PVCs are the key to their secure future. Don’t trade your PVCs for any amount of money, they are your secure future.  No amount of money is worth trading or mortgaging your future for. ANRP is the party for all.This is the main reason why I settled for a retired teacher and successful farmer as my running mate. As you are all aware, education and agriculture are important areas our government intends to focus on, and I believe Alhaja has the requisite experience to help us in this regard.