Not The Time To Worry! (2)


The moment he touched down at the base of my Atlantic ocean, I let out a loud moan and dug my claws into his back.

“God! MD, you’re driving me nuts!” I cried out in a supressed tone. I opened my eyes and looked deep inside his. They were half opened, he was enjoying every bit of it as much as I was.

“You are enjoying it?” he asked me, a proud look on his face. He knew he was getting the sort of effect he wanted from me. And I couldn’t deny it nor conceal it, I was enjoying every moment.

“Yes, MD…I’m enjoying…I’m enjoying every bit…” I couldn’t finish my sentence as I stuttered to put my words together.

That seemed to have energized MD even more. He began to pound me harder and faster. I was almost going crazy. The sensation I was feeling inside was so intense I was close to screaming out loud. I had to cover my mouth with my hand to stop myself from crying out loud in ecstasy. MD held my legs up in the air and spread them wider apart as he drilled me silly. And he wasn’t going to let my boobs rest either. He would reach for them, fondle them, suck my nipples hard and drive me almost berserk before releasing them to regain his grip on my legs.

And just when I thought he was almost done, MD came out of my pussy and turned me face down on the bed. He then lifted my ass up and put the pillows right under my tummy. Then he mounted me. When he touched my base, this time, I screamed out.

“God! MD, you will kill me oh!” I groaned, my voice quite loud.

“No, dear, I won’t kill you. All I am doing is showing you how much I have missed you”, the man returned quietly, his voice sounding like he was pretty satisfied with himself. And with equal measure, MD began to pump me from behind. He held onto my ass with both hands as though he was holding it steady for him to slam hard into.

If I didn’t know this man better, I would’ve thought he was punishing me or something. MD had never made love to me like this ever before. It was sweet, it was painful. No, it was heavenly. I could feel his Anaconda right inside my tummy. There were times I feared it was going to come out right from inside my mouth. That was how much the thing filled my entire pussy and tummy. Then, suddenly, I felt a pang of guilt rush through me. The guilt that I was busy loving somebody else while this man had been loving me, caring for me in a way no other man had ever done from the very day he set his eyes on me. And to make matters even worse, I am carrying another man’s child and I had no idea what to do about it. Suddenly, my body shut down. It was like my system had been put on pause mode. Then, in a flash, something hit me and I snapped out of my thoughts and allowed my mind drift back to the present…and the present is that MD was banging me doggy style and I was loving every moment of it. Every other issue can wait, one after the other, things will sort themselves out. That’s what my mother always told me whenever we were confronted with difficult situations. And one way or another, they always truly sorted themselves out. This is not the time to start worrying about anything, it is the time to enjoy myself and be happy. I believe that, somehow, the issue staring me in the face too would sort itself out very soon…

I closed my eyes and let all of the worries on my mind fade away into the deepest recesses of my soul. There was no point dwelling on the matter. Whether I dwelt on it or not, whether I let myself enjoy my sex with MD or not, the problem would still remain there until it is finally solved. And it’s not the sort of problem that could be solved right there in bed. So, what is there to start worrying about? As I felt MD pounding hard and fast into me, I spread my legs even wider apart for him to get the deepest possible penetration. This was nothing short of absolute bliss…

It still beats me where MD got his strength from that evening. Yes, I know that for a man of his age he has been great in bed, but on this occasion, he was simply mind-blowing. He completely beat my imagination. And just as I was thinking he was starting to lose steam, MD rolled over and asked me to mount him and ride him. I gazed at him like, seriously, something was going on here.

“MD, you want me to ride you?” I had to ask him, unsure if I got his message properly. I thought he was getting exhausted.

“Yes, now, or are you already tired?” he’d thrown back at me, a faint grin on his face. He was obviously enjoying himself thoroughly.

“No, not really, I’m not tired, I’m just surprised that you’re going on and on and you haven’t even come,” I told him.

He smiled. “You don’t worry about me, I will come when I’m ready to come,” he’d responded, the faint little smile still playing on his lips.

“Yes, I know, but it’s just that you have never handled me quite like this before,” I said as I mounted him, steadying myself on his frame.

“That is what happens when you let your man starving for too long.” He’d answered.

“Starving for too long? But I have always fed you well, MD, and you know I will never starve you. I always cook delicious meals for you.”

“Who’s talking about food? I’m talking about sex, you left me starving of your body for too long.”

I smiled. This man is simply incredible. How could he possibly say I was starving him of my body?

“But I cannot recall ever denying you access to my body, it’s always yours and you know it,” I assured him.

Slowly, I lifted up my ass, reached for his bazooka and rubbed on it gently up and down before finally sliding it into my warm and waiting pussy. And as I came down on his sugar stick, letting the hard rod go down inside me, I moaned out loud as I felt MD touched the base of my honey pot. He reached for my butt and grabbed it both hands, lifting my ass up and down as he pummeled me from under.

“You like it?” MD asked, looking straight into my eyes.

“Yes, MD, that’s exactly what I want! Give it to me, MD, give it to me hard!” I was almost begging for more.

…to be continued